Soap, soap and MORE soap…………..

Well – what a busy day it has been for sure……. I tried out some new colour pigments and have made some soap which will be ready for Mother’s Day.

I normally prefer to use natural organic materials for ‘colour’ but have been asked by quite a few people for more colourful soap so I ordered some natural colour pigments and had a go with them today. I still prefer naturally coloured or uncoloured soap but since there has been quite a few requests mainly for gift giving, I have done a couple of batches today.

These are 2 batches sided by side

  • Southern Ocean (the blue one) is coloured with Ultra marine Oxide – not sure how blue it will remain after curing but it started out as BRIGHT BLUE and i have scented it with essential oil of peppermint and then sprinkled sea salt grains over the ‘waves’ because it is inspired by the Southern Ocean………
  • “Flowers for Mom” has lots of lavender buds and rose petals sprinkled right through and it is scented with lavender essential oil. I used a pretty purple/pink oxide to colour it and swirled it with the natural coloured soap.  It smells and looks really awesome, can’t wait to unmould it and see what it really looks like.
First coloured soaps
"Flowers for Mom" and "Southern Ocean"
Flowers for Mom
Close up of "Flowers for Mom"
Southern Ocean
Southern Ocean close up

Can you see the grains of salt on the peaks of the waves????? 🙂

All told it was a massive soaping day (for me) and i made 4 batches of soap so it was a good day. *phew*

These soaps will be cut in the next couple of days and they will be ready in 4 weeks time.

~~~ Busy Bea ~~~  on Kangaroo Island


New bracelets… ready to go…….

Some bracelets which I have been working on and are now finally finished! Yaaay!!!

Glass N Silver bracelets
Straight out of the tumbler

This pic on the left was taken just after I took them out of the tumbler this afternoon and it was gray and overcast so please excuse the lack of “Ooomph” but they look really good in real life.

Every bit of the bracelets has been made by me, the glass beads, wire wraps, links and clasps right from scratch so no two pieces is identical.

They are all adjustable if required and can be lengthened or shortened upon request.

They will be on sale at Fine Arts Kangaroo Island from next week once I get them in to Kingscote.

I might get a chance to get more made in the next few days. I have to make some more beads to make up a few more sets as I didn’t quite have the correct feel with some of the beads I have and they didn’t ‘look right’ for me…….. so more time on the torch in the next few days if I can get over this ‘hump’ which has left me tired lately.

I don’t like working on the torch when I am tired as it is certainly asking for trouble and I don’t want any nasty accidents from lack of concentration – it only takes a moment to get into trouble!

Some close up pics of individual pieces taken outside when the sun came out for a little while in the late afternoon.

South Coast Cliffs
South Coast Cliffs
Southern Ocean 02
Southern Ocean 02
Southern Ocean 01
Southern Ocean 01


~~~~~ Busy Bea on Kangaroo Island ~~~~~


There are only 24 hours in a day………. even on Kangaroo Island!!!

……… and yes… I know that………… but it would be handy to have a few more on “special days” when you just HAVE to get stuff done!!!!

What a weekend it has been, soap making, time on the torch and even finalising the basic concept for a new line of glass N silver bracelets!!!!!

Soaps & Balms
Lots of yummy soaps and balms
Glass N Silver
Glass N Silver prototype

MORE to come…. just cut up the slab of yummy spice N scrubby soap and these will be bigger bars…….. they will be ready mid April!

I will cut up the logs of my castile with May Chang & Lemon Eucalyptus and the shaving bars – all soaps will

be ready to go to new homes mid April!

2 more bracelets done tonight……. hopefully I will be able to get more made up to take in to Fine Arts this weekend!

Remember there is the Farmers Market in Penneshaw on Easter Sunday – see you there!

I will have some yummy soaps and the ever popular lotion bars…….. plus lots of beads for people to pick from the bead box to be wired up and taken home……………

Have a great week! I know I will be BUSY!!!!!!!!!!!

~~~ Busy Bea on Kangaroo Island ~~~


Soap making day!!!!!

Time to create some lather!!!!

I am going to make some more of my basic Castile and maybe a couple with essential oils. Handmade soap from Kangaroo Island!

So it will be a fun weekend.

Last night I spent a few hours on the torch to get some beads ready for bracelets and so many other ideas running through my head I can barely stay on terra firma!

Have a fun weekend!

~~~ Bea on Kangaroo Island ~~~


Autumn on Kangaroo Island…..

Driving to work this morning with such beautiful crisp lighting reminded why I just LOVE Autumn…..

Everything looked really fresh and clean, it was possible to imagine that every single leaf on the trees I drove past was just reaching out and going….. aaaaaaahhhhhhh

Beautiful autumn days on Kangaroo Island………..


Shopping Cart Trial

Okay – the feature is there, it is not quite a shopping cart as such but a simple page to place an order and pay for it.

If you have any problems, send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

If there is a real demand for online orders, I will get a ‘serious’ shopping cart set up.


Bea 🙂


Online shopping?

Maybe be happening sooner rather than later……….  but I still have to test it out first and will keep you posted!



Talk about ~~ duh ~~ moments!

Well… all intentions were good…… I was planning to take some product photos and upload them while on gallery duty this morning……. until I brought out the camera and the batter low signal came up!!!

I still managed to take a few pics of a couple of bars of soap…….. and then couldn’t find the card reader!!!

Hmmmm – I think the message is to check, check and check again!

Okay, will plan to upload pics when I get home this evening.


Thanks for the comments – please keep ’em coming!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sending your comments and feedback……. it is all very much appreciated and thank you for taking the time to look around here.

Nola – Thank you for the feedback and good spotting on the typo. The pics were left aligned in firefox but when I viewd the page on Safari I saw what you meant – no quick fix there so just pics for now.

Belinda, thank you so much for the support and the FIRST ORDER through my new website! A little something extra will be going out to you with your goodies………….

Bea 🙂


Website updated……..

I have transferred over some of the pics from the previous web pages and my picture portfolio is so shameful at the moment but it is mainly as a placeholder for the time being as I work on the layout of the site.

Feedback is very welcome.

Thank you for stopping by.