New additions to the range – limited quantities for Mother’s Day

Soaps ready for Mother’s Day. Some of these will be in the Pamper Packs and some will be available loose.

There are very limited quantities of these bars so let me know if you want some put aside for you.

They will be available here on the website or at the Arts ‘N Crafts Market at the Penneshaw Oval on Sunday 2nd May 2010.

Lavender Castile
Lavender Castile with Lavender buds & Lavender Essential Oil
Floral Confetti
Organic Rose petals, Wildcrafted Cornflower petals and Lavender buds on a gentle Castile base

Rain, rain…….. LOTS of rain……

It’s nice to see all that rain coming down. We have had lots of rain with a couple of huge downpours since yesterday and there are little rivers of water running down the driveway.

The land is parched and we do need this rain so it is nice to see so much water coming through with good sunny breaks as well.

More beautiful winter days on Kangaroo Island……..

~~ Bea ~~


Handmade Glass Vessels

Currently these are the vessels I have available for sale.

Glass Vessels
Handmade Glass Vessels

They are great for carrying your favourite essential oils on you all day and you only need a couple of drops at a time.

You can wear them as an accessory or tuck them in under your top and the warmth of your body will release the essential oils so that you can benefit from their properties throughout the day.

You can purchase them from the Amphora page.


Scrubby Lavender Castile

This is one of the Mother’s Day soaps which is curing and it smells really divine. Handmade with beautiful oils and cured for 5 weeks so they are nice for you.

The Lavender Essential Oils give the soap a lovely feminine fragrance and the lavender buds give the bar a nice scrubby texture. Beautiful creamy lather and luxurious feel.

Scrubby Lavender Castile
Scrubby Lavender Castile

The light pink colour is from a mineral pigment added into the oils.

There are only 20 bars of this soap for sale and I might put some of them into the Mother’s Day Pamper Packs for the next market.

This weekend will be busy making Calendula Balm and some more lip balms for the May market at Penneshaw.

Hope to see you at the Market on Sunday 2nd May at the Penneshaw Oval.

Bea – on Kangaroo Island


Soaps unmoulded………..

Easter Monday soaps unmoulded
Easter Monday soaps unmoulded

Well… it was a productive Easter Monday and look at what has come out of the moulds !!!!!!!!!!!!

They are all curing now and will be ready for the next market on 2nd May and some have been made specially for the Mothers Day Pamper Packs so they are a very limited edition!

It was a huge soaping day and I am so happy with how these soaps have turned out. I can’t wait to start using them.

I will cut them up tonight, the EVOO Castile is still sooooooo soft and buttery and has an awesome Lemon Eucalyptus scent – so very refreshing! The colour is a bit darker now from this batch of Extra Virgin Olive Oil but could lighten over the next few weeks.

I am also very pleased with how the super conditioning bar turned out – it will be a very decadent bar with lots of shea butter and organic avocado oil with Green Tea and lots of beautiful organic flower petals sprinkle don top!

This is a VERY LIMITED Edition and I am not sure how many bars will make it into the store.

The Rice Bran Castile is also very nice looking and feels firm already but will still need to cure until the next market. It is totally natural, unscented and uncoloured – a pure and gentle bar.

Some Close ups of the bars………………. !

Floral Confetti for Mum
Floral Confetti for Mum
Floral confetti on Avocado
Luxury Bar with Floral confetti
2 Castiles
2 Castiles

So…… now to wait for these to cure and if you are interested in reserving any of these, drop me a line and I will keep you on the list…. I already have a few reservations for the Floral Confetti bars!

~~~ SimplyBea ~~

Handmade soaps on Kangaroo Island


New soaps made – waiting to be cured!

It’s been a busy weekend and the market at Penneshaw on Sunday was a huge success.

I ran out of my extra mild castile soap but the good news is that I have made some more today and they will be ready for the next market on 2nd May at Penneshaw.


There will be some changes with the market from next month, apparently the food stalls have decided to relocate to another part of Penneshaw but the Art & Craft stalls will stay at the oval right through winter.

I should be okay with my gazebo set up and hopefully it won’t be too wet the day before so the oval won’t get too muddy for the market days. Not sure how it will go but I am determined to make it to the market every month unless somehting major happens.

There is also a good possibility that I will be sending soaps and balms for sale at the Penneshaw Visitor Information centre before the next market provided I can get enough stock together in the next couple of weeks. Exciting times and lots of projects to get stuck in to.

I am also working on the Mother’s Day packs – the bars of soap for Moms are looking very pretty and curing well, hopefully my other items to go in the Pamper Packs for Mother’s Day will come along nicely as well…….. stay tuned!

~~~ SimplyBea on Kangaroo Island ~~~


Good Friday

What a stunning day! I am giving myself the day off to catch up with friends and family. The fishing rods are packed, hopefully the fish will bite! Have a great weekend!
~~ Bea on Kangaroo Island ~~