Month: July 2010

It’s going to be a busy few months…….

Yesterday was a sad day. I handed in my resignation as a member of the Kangaroo Island community gallery. It has been quite a few years since I first started there and it was a good place to start and learn but it is time to move on. I just can’t find enough hours to […]


Slowly, slowly……. got to be patient…….

Well….. I did try to rush it didn’t I? Trying to get back on the torch straight away after removing the splint on my left hand. Well…….. it didn’t work and I must admit I felt very frustrated and even a bit anxious that I might not be able to get back on to the […]


It’s been a while…..

Well, it’s July and we are now well into the new Financial Year here in Australia. It has been somewhat hectic for me personally since May from the day I cut my hand at work and severed the nerve in my ring finger. Thankfully that was my left hand and whilst it has been a […]