I’m just waiting for the kiln to cool……..

Well….. first of all, I should be in bed sleeping after such a late night/early morning on the torch.
I spent several hours last night making beads for the Queensland Flood Relief fund raising exercise I have committed myself to until the end of February and the next couple of weeks are going to be so busy and the weather forecast is for hot days, I just took advantage of a cool night.
It ended up being a COLD night by 5am this morning and I was still so cold even wrapped up in layers of quilt and spread plus cats in bed that I just couldn’t get to sleep. We’ll see how long I last today!
I am waiting for the kiln to cool before taking the beads out to clean and there are so many other household chores I should really be attending to as well but I just wanted to post some of the beads that have gone off to new homes from the first batch I put up.

The visions of brown rushing water and people on rooftops waiting to be rescued, towns submerged in no time at all….. visions which were too depressing and hard for me to accept. My thoughts turned to the ocean where the water should be clean and clear as mother nature intended…… but we know the reality unfortunately.

So I have used lots of silver foil to bring out the sparkle of the ocean hues and a beautiful raku frit with hues of blue, purple, green and brown….. tones which would represent the situation without being depressing and textures in the beads with twists, turns, rakes and sometimes even ‘drops’ on the surface…..

Lots of silver foil in this one with aquamarine tones to capture the feel of the ocean where the water will eventually end up.

A darker cobalt blue base

Gorgeous hues from the raku frit against a black base

Raku frit swirled through aqua glass

Texture, ‘water drops’,  lots of silver foil and raking in this bead

The end result – beads on waxed cotton to be used as bead charms on USB stick, key chains, zipper toggles or anything you want to personalise which has a little ‘handle’ to put the cord through.

Thank you for looking and I will be putting more beads up as they are ready on my Artfire Store.

~~~ SimplyBea on Kangaroo Island ~~~


Only 5 charms left from 1st batch!!!!!

Wow, the response has been overwhelming and I am so touched by everyone’s generosity.
The beads were posted online only just yesterday and 2 have sold from the store, 13pcs have been bought by my colleagues on Kangaroo Island and I have to get some more made.
I will be doing this right through February and we’ll see how much I manage to raise through this exercise……..
Thank you everyone for your support. I will post more up in the shop in the next couple of days.
Tonight I have to work on some other orders and get some more supplies or else I won’t have anything for my own shop/stall in the next few months.
Stay tuned…….. and THANK YOU very much for the support.
Please feel free to pass the link on……
~~~ SimplyBea on Kangaroo Island ~~~


Flood Relief Fund Raiser – Bead Charms


Slow internet connections, sore throat, headaches, fever……. grrrrrrr!!

NOW it is DONE and the first 20 bead charms are up for sale on my ArtFire shop.

Please take a look, if one grabs your fancy hopefully you will want to have it for yourself or give it as a pressie to someone you cherish.

It is all going to a good cause….. all proceeds will be donated to the Premier’s Queensland flood relief fund. I will keep making and selling beads for this series until the end of February and hopefully this will raise a good amount of money for the fund. Every bit helps and if I can’t lift heavy stuff, take leave to be there……. at least I can try to help by doing something I love doing….. making beads for their cause.

Thank you in advance for your generosity – please feel free to forward the link on.

~~~ SimplyBea on Kangaroo Island ~~~


While walking down the driveway……

This morning, I decided to go for a walk down the driveway and couldn’t believe my eyes…… I saw an animal on the ground and thought “ooops…. a very little lamb is on the wrong side of the fence…..” but it didn’t move like a lamb, and it couldn’t have been a possum because they come out when it’s dark……so I continued walking and when I was about 10m away, I recognised it to be a koala!

I didn’t want to spook it because koalas don’t move out of a tree unless they HAVE to and normally in search for another ‘food tree’ (or so I have been taught)…….. so I tried to be as quiet as possible but it realised I was behind and started to look around for a tree…….. I stood still so as not to spook it anymore and it picked a nearby tree to climb up….after a couple of minutes as I did not move, she seemed a bit more comfortable and less spooked…….. I approached and took these pics with my phone before continuing down the driveway for the rest of my walk………

……and a closer zoomed in photo from my phone………

Isn’t she just so gorgeous? I think the koala team would like to catch her and make sure she down’t have any more babies…… but for now, she is not wearing any jewelry (ear tag) and I don’t think she will be around for long as it looked like she was headed towards the scrub across the road……….

As I continued on my walk… the sheep started bleating and carrying on, I guess it was because I had stopped for a while and they must have thought I was my landlord with their food……. the expressions on their faces were pretty priceless as well but I didn’t want to spook them either by moving closer, so here’s a quick snap from where I was standing under the tree with the koala on the other side of the driveway……

Everything looks so brown, dry and dusty even though it has been a cooler summer with more rain than we have had in the last few years at this time of the year.

Well, now back at home with my second pot of green tea with mint from the garden and hoping that the throat will remain good and that it will be all good for the end of this week. Don’t even want to think of the ‘catching up’ I have to keep on top of things there.

For now – I am just going to enjoy another lovely day on Kangaroo Island……. this encounter was indeed a timely reminder of why I chose to live where I am……

~~~ Bea on Kangaroo Island ~~~


What a week (last week)………

Well, since I can’t really swallow and my headache is still hanging around with a slight touch of fever, I though I’d take the time to update this blog which has been sorely neglected for a while.

Have you noticed my new banner? Well, it is the same one as in my Artfire store – trying to stay a bit more coordinated here.

Then…… where do I start? It has been a massive week (again).

Last Monday, I had a near miss and then got the work vehicle stuck shortly after that!

I was heading out to the main road to pick up documents from a colleague driving past and as I neared the turn off, I saw the very tip of a white car heading out literally from the scrub along the road. The whit tip beacme a white bonnet and it didn’t look like the driver was going to stop for me, I saw a little blue/green car coming behind me quite fast so i knew there was no way I could stop my vehicle so I blasted away with the horn. Thankfully the white car stopped just before I got to where it was sticking out and you can imagine my state of mind and the words I did not say but surely went through in my mind!!!!

Well, as I drove past the car, the driver didn’t even acknowledge me and just kind of ‘slid back’ into the scrub as I continued past…….. but luckily the little car behind me didn’t have to put up with slamming their brakes!

Feeling very rattled, I turned off and as I approached the designated meeting spot, I decided to park the vehicle facing the direction of the vehicle I was meeting…….and that’s when I got stuck!

I turned off a bit too close to the steep edge of the track and didn’t realise there were some sneaky ironstone rocks embedded in the ground (found out when Pat came to help me!) which stopped the vehicle from going forward. After a bit of vrrooooommmm, vrrooooommmm and not getting out, bits of loose gravel spinning under the car, I decided I needed help……… and thank goodness Pat (the graduate ranger) came to my rescue.

Stupid Rock!

The rocks you see around the car were easy and much smaller than the one which kept the car from moving forward! Luckily Pat had a shovel and good muscles! Thank you Pat!!!

Then I managed to get the “steering wheel boot” (learned a new car part!) replaced on Friday and when I went to pick up the car I was told there had been a ‘small accident’ and that in reversing the car off the ramp the tail lights had been smashed but the workshop would organise the replacement……. except that I didn’t realise that a bit more than the tail light was smashed!

Oh well……… the good thing I guess, is that no one got hurt and it is all fixable……… at some stage.

How many hours are there in a day and how many days in a week……. just got to do what I can do and be satisfied with that or my anxiety levels will go up again and I don’t want THAT to happen!

On the brighter side….. I have managed to make a few beads which I will put up for sale and proceeds will go to the Queensland Flood relief fund.

My head wasn’t up to dealing with the drill to clean them up over the weekend but I might start some today and see how far I get. Ears are a bit more clogged up today so that might help and I can try ear plugs. Can’t just sit here feeling sorry for myself and playing games, reading on the iPad…. I NEED to do something a bit more constructive…….. while waiting for daughter dearest to get back to me with the revised banner……

………and here is the bunch of them all to be cleaned and made into little phone charms, pendants, keyring charms……….

Hopefully I will manage to get a few done by Wednesday (Australia Day) and get the pics uploaded for people to pick and choose. There have been a few pledges already so that’s good.

Going to feed myself now before starting on the beads. 2 days on just soups is keeping me hungry but I can’t really swallow much else at this stage……

~~~ Bea ~~~


From one new year to the next!

Soon the rabbit will come hopping through to take residence for the next lunar year.
What will the lunar year of the rabbit bring us?
Wishing you a year of prosperity and good health.
I hope I will have a more productive year, this one has sadly started with a few misses and I am positive it will pick up, just have to remember that I can nly count on myself and do what I can do.
Sounds a bit morose doesn’t it…….. well, hopefully I will perk up soon enough.
~~~ Bea ~~~