x-change pieces…..finally finished….

*phew* and **double phew**

All that hard work is now finished, just have to get the items to Adelaide to set up for the exhibition and have a good time!!!

Catalogue descriptions have been submitted, my ‘reference photos’ have been done – shaky hands didn’t help but they are good enough for my personal reference.

Here are a couple of the ‘group shots’ so you can have a sneak peek at what is going up to Adelaide on Thursday.

Oceanlife Pendants

X-change bracelets

The necklace below is is my ‘play’ with copper….it just makes the blues in the beads ‘pop’…and I love the effect, so what do you think?

Mermaid's favourite
Playing with copper


……….and the other side of the focal bead…….


Mermaid's favourite - the other sideSo, there you go…..some images of the pieces I have put together for x-change.

See you at the exhibition?




Exciting week coming up…..

Well, next week will be a very full one for us……going up to Adelaide on Thursday to set up for the X-Change exhibition.

All the pieces are now done, just have to prepare the catalogue, write up descriptions and rate the pieces, take reference photos so I know what’s there and then pack!!!

I will post piccies up here later and then also photos of beads to be made up into pieces for the gallery and for sale through my FB page.

Just hoping this hayfever attack goes away soon – it’s NOT fun to try and do stuff with a super runny nose, itchy throat, ears and eyes!!! *yuk*

Catch you later!



X-change by Small Change Collective

Beads for x-change

This exhibition is a little bit different.

Brought to you by the “Small Change Collective”, this group of 10 artists have all produced their work without concern for what money it might bring to them. Instead they are happy to trade their art for (almost) whatever you are willing to offer them!

A trailer for a framed limited edition print? Yes! A couple of bottles of champagne for a necklace? Sure thing! A massage for a polymer clay dragon? Why not!

I am taking part in this exhibition with 10 other talented artists.

Some sneak peeks of what I am working on ……….





Come and check out the final results for yourself at the Santos Conservation Centre.
The opening is on 26th February from 2-4pm.
Come along, bring your fiends and spread the word…….looking forward to seeing you there.



2012 – exciting start to the year of the water dragon……

Happy Lunar New Year to everyone.

I know I have not posted in a long time, been busy, busy, busy and now I am baaack with LOTS of new inspiration and creative energy!

February will be a BIG month for me, new work and an exhibition with 10 other talented artists. A theme with a twist!

………. stay tuned…….. more to come……..in the mean time…..


Wishing you and your loved ones a year of happiness and good health!!


~~~ SimplyBea ~~~