Month: March 2014

Sssssssssnake in the herb plot……..

Oooooh, it was quite a find………!!! As I was about to head off to work this morning bf told me that he had a shock when he saw a snakeskin at the back of our very withered herb plot yesterday afternoon……so when I got back this evening, I wanted to see it and actually got […]


SimplyBea is now on Etsy…..

So, eight years after I signed up for my Etsy account – I have actually posted a few items up in the store. It has been a challenge with the photography as I prefer natural lighting which is difficult with open spaces and blustery winds outdoors and very limited access to good natural lighting in […]


March 2014…… (non blogging) breaker….

So, where does time go and how does it get away so quickly from me???? Well, in a way that’s not true because I am very aware of not having posted here for quite a while and finding some ‘justification’ to myself for not doing so but in the end, really……it’s not about having ‘the […]