A sad decision…….

Well.. it has been on my mind for a while now and as the deadline draws closer, I have to make a final decision………
Much as I enjoy making soaps for sale – I will no longer be offering cold processed soaps for sale.
It is a legal requirement to register in order to sell cold processed soaps and whilst I have a good following, it doesn’t justify the cost of keeping up with the registration.
The other deciding factor was that since I got into soapmaking, there seems to be so many more people who are into it and they make the coloured and scented soaps which I won’t do as I like a pure product. The island is too small to have that many soapmakers and I am not ready to make the committment to sell large quantities online to make it a worthwhile effort.
I like the idea that my soaps can be used ANYWHERE and they do NOT pollute the environment with chemical additives like chemically derived fragrance, colour and moisturising agents……..so, sadly it is the end of an adventure I enjoyed.
Soooo…… if you REALLY want some of my cold processed soap, it will have to be on an exchange basis and only IF I have sufficient to spare.

SimplyBea Soaps
SimplyBea Soaps

I will still continue making my soaps as I totally enjoy them and I can tell from my own skin that it is worth the effort. I have not had to use any moisturising lotions on my body nor have I had to use any conditioner after shampooing so it has paid off and I will continue to use and make my own soaps for family and friends too,
This also means that I will have more play time for my glass hobbies and just because I won’t be making CP soap doesn’t mean I can’t make and sell MP soap!

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