Busy May and now it’s June…

So, lots has happened and is still happening…..

First of all….winter has finally arrived with LOTS of rain…..


The first season breaker brought us 77ml of rain, I needed gum boots to get from the house to the studio…..


Stormy skies and moody colours around…giving lots of inspiration…

Finally, after more than 5 weeks of incessant coughing and countless sleepiness nights the cough has almost disappeared allowing me to get back to some creative time. It’s been a productive couple of weeks…


A little school of fish pendants for a start. Ready to swim off to new homes


These little birdies are now ready to fly away to their new homes.
I have had these birdies for a little while but it has taken me a long time to find a way to present them that I can feel comfortable enough to present.
I am pretty pleased with the final result, hopefully you like them too


This set was sent out to the winner of the Ki2Kenya fundraising raffle.
Another satisfying accomplishment in this period.



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