MIX N MATCH – The Story

A series of 7 bracelets with seven themes inspired by the nature on Kangaroo Island. Worn alone or connected to each other in as many variations as you wish to be worn as a necklace or necklaces…….

Ocean Views

Inspired by the colours of the ocean and the beaches of the South Coast of Kangaroo Island.

The glass beads in this bracelet were made by me and LOTS of silver foil was used to create the brilliant blues and organic tones in the beads.Sterling silver wire and findings to connect and finish.


The life source and flowers which signify growth and continuity………

Lots of blues in these beads……… can you tell it’s my favourite colour? There’s a fair bit of silver foil in the “bubbly” beads with the raised dots (rain/water drops…..) and I just love the feel of this set…….

Gum Trees

The greens and golds of the varied eucalypts that decorate the island…….

Semi precious stone chips in Moss agate, clear quartz, amazonite and some czech glass beads wire wrapped to complement the green glass beads made by moi……..


Millions of years of geological development beneath our feet scattered around the island………

I just love the combination of amber chips and beautiful swarovski crystals wirewrapped in sterling silver wire with my “ironstone” glass beads which are on a white Moretti base with Aurora Peach frit……….


The start of earth……….. this incredible plant is the very start of forming earth. Able to resist extreme temperatures and conditions – survives where nothing else can……..

The colours in the beads remind me of the lichen growing in the spots where sunshine is a rarity, damp and cold…… yet such an integral part of the beginnings of earth….. accompanied by moss agate, amazonite and bali silver beads wire wrapped with sterling silver…..

Sea Glass

Remnants of the past, bits of glass washed up along the coast tumbled by the waves, softened by the rocks………

Etched glass beads to recreate the feel of precious bits of yesterday……


All along the coastline, beautiful beaches sandy and rugged………

The beautiful sandy beaches with rugged reef and rocks which surround the island were the inspiration for this piece. Lots of fine silver wire and foil to create the organic look in the glass and the beads are alternated with Czecj glass bead rondelles wirewrapped in sterling silver…….

July 2006 – Settlement Day Exhibition


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