New bracelets… ready to go…….

Some bracelets which I have been working on and are now finally finished! Yaaay!!!

Glass N Silver bracelets
Straight out of the tumbler

This pic on the left was taken just after I took them out of the tumbler this afternoon and it was gray and overcast so please excuse the lack of “Ooomph” but they look really good in real life.

Every bit of the bracelets has been made by me, the glass beads, wire wraps, links and clasps right from scratch so no two pieces is identical.

They are all adjustable if required and can be lengthened or shortened upon request.

They will be on sale at Fine Arts Kangaroo Island from next week once I get them in to Kingscote.

I might get a chance to get more made in the next few days. I have to make some more beads to make up a few more sets as I didn’t quite have the correct feel with some of the beads I have and they didn’t ‘look right’ for me…….. so more time on the torch in the next few days if I can get over this ‘hump’ which has left me tired lately.

I don’t like working on the torch when I am tired as it is certainly asking for trouble and I don’t want any nasty accidents from lack of concentration – it only takes a moment to get into trouble!

Some close up pics of individual pieces taken outside when the sun came out for a little while in the late afternoon.

South Coast Cliffs
South Coast Cliffs
Southern Ocean 02
Southern Ocean 02
Southern Ocean 01
Southern Ocean 01


~~~~~ Busy Bea on Kangaroo Island ~~~~~


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  1. Hi Bea, love your work. Can I buy the Southern Ocean bracelet, please. I just love the colours that you have captured, also love the waves of silver in between these bea___utiful beads. Please let me know and don’t let yourself get too run down. Love Susie.xx

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