Blue for a cause….

Last weekend was great fun doing lampwork demos at Raptor Domain and this last week has gone by waaay too fast!!!
I didn’t manage to get pics of me on the torch but It was such a good weekend that I have accepted the invitation to go back to do more demos at Raptor Domain, so stay tuned
I also found out last weekend that a blogging friend of mine is making bracelets as part of her fundraising effort for research on Dysautonomia.
Head on over to Rachel’s blog for more info.
This is the link to her fundraising page.
……and here are the beads I made for her yesterday…….

Blue beads for a cause
Blue beads for dysautonomia fundraising

They are fresh out of the kiln this morning and have to be removed from their mandrels, then cleaned before I can send them to Rachel in Auckland.
If you would like to help, head on over to her page to donate.

So, here’s wishing you a wonderful day and fabulous week ahead.

I am off to clean some beads.



Busy weekend at Raptor Domain

So, it’s day 2 of 3 and it has been lots of fun so far. Still fighting to swallow normally and still having to be careful with what I can eat which is still reasonably soft food or a smoothie.. That’s okay… better than not to be able to eat at all.
Only two more of these HUGE antibiotic pills to go…. Yay

Yes, they have been a real challenge to swallow with this horrible ulcer but that’s what Dr. J prescribed to get rid of the infection and get better sooner.
So, I have followed the doctor’s instructions, taken my meds and rested…
The pay off is that I have been able to get well enough to do the demos at Raptors Domain for the Kangaroo Island Art Feast weekend.
It’s been great…nice and relaxed, lots of interested people and happy customers taking my pieces to new happy homes

What a great setup I have had, it’s been a real pleasure melting glass here this weekend ❤️


Kangaroo Island Art Feast 2014

Well, the time has come and my gig is up from tomorrow over the October long weekend. I am scheduled for live flamework demonstrations at Raptor Domain over the weekend.
I will have demos between 10am to 4pm from October 4-6.
Come and say hello if you are around.
I might not be too chatty as I am just getting over a bad (non contagious) throat which has left me with a seriously bad ulcer. Thankfully I went to the doctor on Thursday and he has given me ‘stuff’ to gargle and the dreaded antibiotics to get rid of it.
It will be a very impromptu sort of demo, depending on how I feel at the moment as it has been a very dramatic month for me leaving me with very little time and energy to get ‘real’ exhibition type work ready.
I do promise it will be fun though as I will still melt glass and ‘talk’ glassy stuff over the days that I will be there.

So, if you are on Kangaroo Island this weekend, come and visit me at Raptors Domain on the South Coast Road. It’s at the start of the Seal Bay Road which meets the South Coast Road and you could book in for an amazing Birds of Prey show followed by thrills at the Venom Pit as well.
Oh…and they do serve up yummy food there as well. I am hoping my throat will be good enough to enjoy the burgers from Talons Takeaway.
See you there


A different sort of day…..

So, it was a different day in the office for me today and a lovely one at that.

In spite of a bad case of hay fever with my nose running a massive marathon from the word go this morning and violent sneeze attacks which startled (and maybe frightened off) some of my work colleagues planting around near me…. it was a beautiful day to be out and about. Only drawback was my terribly runny nose which kept me from being more sociable with folks around me 🙁

It was the perfect weather to put seedlings into the ground and with a light breeze and not too sunny, the day was just fantastic. Great views overlooking Murray Lagoon and with the changing light in the sky it went from a soft pastel blue to gorgeous baby boy blue. We were even fortunate to have a fairly large wedge tailed eagle soar majestically over us at the start of the morning.

The goal was to plant 6900 seedlings between 9am – 4pm today. We hope these seedlings will do well and propagate over the years to come, increasing the native vegetation coverage and hopefully also help correct the salinity of the wetlands around.

Seedlings for planting
Some of the seedlings ready to be planted

It was my first ever tree planting experience and I was nervous, hoping I would be able to do it correctly. Most of the participants have been at other tree planting sessions before. There are normally teams of 3 people, one makes a hole in the ground with a special tool, someone follows behind with a tray of seedlings – dropping them beside the hole – and the third person comes behind to remove the seedling from the tube and places (plants) it into the hole.

I started as a ‘dropper’ but after about half a dozen trays, my shoulders and biceps were hurting….I knew I didn’t have the strength to be a ‘hole maker’ so I progressed to planting….after several hundred plants I think I will have some soreness in the hamstrings in the next couple of days 🙁

Planting teams
Teams at work


There was some really pretty scenery around as the sun came out, we were mostly too busy to take a lot of it in though.

Murray Lagoon revegetation site
The re vegetation site

Some of the plants from previous planting days. It will be interesting to see how many of the plants we put in today make it and how quickly they will grow here.

Fenced up
Native wildlife love young seedlings. They think it’s all yummy

The fencing is to protect the seedlings through the initial critical growth period. Kangaroos, possums and wallabies love fresh seedlings but these ones need to be established so that they can propagate and then the fencing will be removed.

All in all it was a fabulous day ‘in the office’ and I am so very grateful that I live in such a beautiful environment.



Keeping warm this winter…..

So, winter is officially here now on Kangaroo Island and there is that chill in the air when I get up in the mornings. I fight the urge to stay snuggled in bed under the warm layers, cuddled up with the cats……but I also have this really strong urge to get out into the studio and make MORE beads…..these days, even with the torch going and the kiln behind me, it still feels cold in the studio!

Yesterday, I was looking for an owl bead to take a piccie and send off to a friend……couldn’t find one which means they have all gone to new homes… it seemed it was a really good excuse for me to make some owls on the torch and these are the results of yesterday afternoon’s session.

Lampworked Owl Beads
Lots of Owls straight out of the kiln this morning

Now I just have to get them off their mandrels, clean them up and put them on silver wire ready to go to new homes from my Etsy store….. 🙂


Hope you are having a great Sunday and it’s not too cold nor hot wherever you are <3




Sssssssssnake in the herb plot……..

Oooooh, it was quite a find………!!!

As I was about to head off to work this morning bf told me that he had a shock when he saw a snakeskin at the back of our very withered herb plot yesterday afternoon……so when I got back this evening, I wanted to see it and actually got it out from the back of the surviving herbs in the enclosure…’s translucency is just amazing…….so delicate to the touch and such detail…

Tiger snake skin section
Section of snake skin

It couldn’t have been a big snake, it was probably the little one that bf saw a couple of weeks ago in the surrounding area which is a bit too close to the back door for our comfort……

Tiger Snake skin
Tiger Snake skin

So…no, it wasn’t a huge snake……but it would still have been a fatal bite if we had been bitten by it. It’s a good thing that bf spotted it when he went out late in the evening and after that when I had to go outside, I just carried an umbrella and a torch…….and walked rather firmly and loudly so that the snake knew I was approaching. After all – they are not interested in us and only bite to defend themselves.

What a gorgeous find and I will take some better reference photos tomorrow when the light is better so I can use it as inspiration…….<3 😀




SimplyBea is now on Etsy…..

So, eight years after I signed up for my Etsy account – I have actually posted a few items up in the store. It has been a challenge with the photography as I prefer natural lighting which is difficult with open spaces and blustery winds outdoors and very limited access to good natural lighting in the house. Perseverance with the photo safari paid off in the end and I managed to get some good photos to kick start the store opening.

I told myself I HAD to post some items up in the store and get the listed by this weekend. It was a very nervous moment as I placed the cursor over the ‘Publish’ button……and I DID IT!!!

At the moment, they are all one of a kind pieces and I am working on some lines which can be made to order with colour and some style variations. All I need is that very precious element called T-I-M-E which seems to run out on me ever so quickly…….does it happen to you too?

So much going on at the moment, life is getting pretty interesting and the cooler days ahead will mean I get more hours on the torch 🙂

If you head on over to my Etsy store before 30th April 2014, you can use the coupon code RELAUNCH20 to get 20% of purchases over $30.

SimplyBea on Etsy

It wasn’t easy getting things done with my cat wanting lots of cuddles and being ultra affectionate…here she is perched ON me as I am typing on my laptop….she was wanting attention as well when I was editing and posting photos for my Etsy store. Oh well, she is my fur baby after all so….gotta love it <3


Let me know what you think of my store and if you would like to see anything in particular in my Etsy store which you have seen here on my website or on my facebook page.

Thanks for stopping by…… <3



March 2014…… (non blogging) breaker….

So, where does time go and how does it get away so quickly from me????

Well, in a way that’s not true because I am very aware of not having posted here for quite a while and finding some ‘justification’ to myself for not doing so but in the end, really……it’s not about having ‘the perfect Theme’ or ‘the right mood to post’ or oh so many ‘other reasons’ I tell myself are valid.

So, yes we have done lots since my last post and I am not going to post them tonight, but this is ‘the break’ from having an ‘idle space’ in blogland. A ramble to break the ice.

In February while we were away on holiday, I jumped on the back end of a blogging course with a very animated and energetic group of blogging students and a wonderfully energetic and patient teacher at the BlogWithPip course.

The e-course was coming to the end of the course but I decided to jump on anyway as I am hoping to revamp my site, open my store on Etsy and in general review what/where I am heading at this point. I learned lots, was reminded of ‘stuff’ that I had ‘forgotten’ and in general picked up lots of new info and ideas to put into practice in the coming months.

I will be joining the next intake in May from the start so that I can ‘start at the beginning’ and hopefully I will then be able to put up a proper post for the end-of-course Cup-of-tea.

In the meantime I haven’t been totally uncreative. I did make up a batch of some rather nice glass pendant charms which are now available at the Fine Art Kangaroo Island gallery in Kingscote. I did enjoy making them and will be making a few more to send in. They are rather nice even if I say so myself. Here’s a pic of some of them.

SimplyBea Glass Hearts
Lampwork Hearts

It’s not the best photo and I need to desperately learn to take better photos of my pieces……I sense another learning period coming up……..

One of my blogging classmates ordered a couple of the pendants for herself and she included them in a blog post of hers which gave me a really nice warm, fuzzy feeling.

I love her blog – it’s reminiscent of warm, balmy days by the beach with palm trees gently swaying in the tropical breeze………so much like the tropical beaches where I spent a lot of my holidays in younger days gone by……….

In the meantime, if you would like to stay in touch – head on over to my facebook page if you haven’t already ‘Liked’ it.

Signing off for now, until next time 🙂

~~~ SimplyBea ~~~


Then came July and after that came August….

So…another busy couple of months with lots happening.
I have finished most of the pieces for my collection to be exhibited during the Kangaroo Island Art Feast in October. It was challenging, working with recycled glass but I think the pieces came out pretty well.
The theme for the exhibition is ‘Life On The Edge’ and it will be located at Pelican Lagoon.
My slant on this of course had to be with glass……giving the glass a Second Chance to shine long after the contents it held have been consumed.

Recycling glass from bottles to make beads to feature in beautiful pieces of jewelry, finished with handmade sterling silver components.


A set made from a bottle of Moët Chandon which I had with a friend to celebrate a crazy period at work and the start of a new financial year – looking ahead!


The glass for this set above came from our favourite sparkling ale brewed in the bottle by the Coopers brewery in South Australia.


This gorgeous blue glass is from the Bombay Sapphire gin bottle.

I am also working on using pieces of sea glass found along the coastline after being cast away and then years of being beautifully refined by Mother Nature to be incorporated into jewelry with handmade sterling silver components.

In the midst of all this, at work I have been busy with end of financial year reconciliations, attending a course in Micro Business Operation which has been really interesting and connecting with lots of interesting people.

Then, it seems like we have had some record rains here on Kangaroo Island and there have been days when I thought I might need a boat to get down the driveway and I felt like I had to wear a thousand layers to stay warm.
Today, the sun came out, the birds were singing and it almost felt like spring had sprung.

So, it’s been ‘a tad busy’ in my world and it’s not going to slow down any time soon.
More to do, more to finish and looking forward to it all and sharing my journey with you here.

In the meantime if you want to stay in touch, make sure you like my Facebook Page and feel free to drop me a comment when you drop in there.

Until later…..

Keeping busy on Kangaroo Island !!!!


Busy May and now it’s June…

So, lots has happened and is still happening…..

First of all….winter has finally arrived with LOTS of rain…..


The first season breaker brought us 77ml of rain, I needed gum boots to get from the house to the studio…..


Stormy skies and moody colours around…giving lots of inspiration…

Finally, after more than 5 weeks of incessant coughing and countless sleepiness nights the cough has almost disappeared allowing me to get back to some creative time. It’s been a productive couple of weeks…


A little school of fish pendants for a start. Ready to swim off to new homes


These little birdies are now ready to fly away to their new homes.
I have had these birdies for a little while but it has taken me a long time to find a way to present them that I can feel comfortable enough to present.
I am pretty pleased with the final result, hopefully you like them too


This set was sent out to the winner of the Ki2Kenya fundraising raffle.
Another satisfying accomplishment in this period.