Seahorses and some new boro pendants

Well….another long pause between posts…, down time, this and that…..and now….some new work from me…..
First of all, I have been having fun with seahorses…..they are so fun to make, lots of heat control, making sure I am pulling the glass without dropping it, keeping the curves forming as I stretch the glass…….and remembering to breathe between it all…..
So, here you are, my first few seahorses in boro. They are fantasy, fun creatures inspired by the beautiful seahorses and sea dragons under water but I am not even trying to replicate the detail of the real creatures, this is an interpretation in glass with a lot of creative license….


I hope you like them, I ran out of glass after the last one so I have to wait a little while for my new glass to come and I can start playing again.

Here are some implosions in boro also from last weekend’s torch sessions.


It’s a pity that the weekends are so short….I would love some more play time to improve my fantasy creatures.
Catch you later…….


Vessels available online

I have listed a few vessels in my online store for now and I have just received some more luscious colours of frit to play with so there will be more to come.

Here’s a quick peak at the collection available.

Boro vessels/suncatchers


They have lots of sparkle in them and look really gorgeous when they catch a bit of light.

Put them by a sunny window and place a few drops of your favourite essential oils if you like. The warmth from the sun will release the volatile oils into the room and you won’t have to worry about a tea-light candle burning on an empty oil pot or leaving the electric oil burner on and forgetting about it.





SALA 2012 – Fire & Ice

Well, it has been a LONG time since my last blog post and lots has happened in between.
A bout of depression which even glass couldn’t shake off and losing my muse for a while in that time……but now, I am back!!!!

I was lucky enough that whilst I was battling depression from work related causes, I had the good fortune to play with borosilicate glass under the patient guidance of my teacher, Bernie Stonor.
Boro is a very different type of glass from the soft soda lime glass that I have been using until now. It is a lot ‘stiffer’, not so shocky in the flame and needs a good HOT flame to work with.
It has been fun….with lots of new techniques and skills after three massive weekend workshops with Bernie.


Just to give you a taste, of the latest play with boro…the vessels above are about 8-10cm long and look great in a sunny window. They make great sun catchers and can be used to hold your favourite essential oil, slowly releasing it as the vessel is gently warmed by the sun or hang it near the fireplace or heater.

I have named this collection Fire & Ice because of the sparkles in them which remind me of burning embers and light catching on the icicles, but also because they have come forth from the flame and released my muse trapped in a prison of ice……

These six vessels will go to Adelaide to be part of the Small Change Collective group exhibition for this year’s SALA. There are many more which I hope to put up on my website or maybe even sell through selected outlets on the island.

They have been good fun to make and are a great exercise in glass/flame control.

More in the kiln tonight and lots more piccies to take!

Stay tuned!!!!
~~~ SimplyBea ~~~








Mad March…’s been busy, mad, crazy and fabulous…

Well….it’s been a while between posts (again) but for a good reason this time.
X-change at the Santos Centre finishes today and the opening was a huge success, great turnout and lots of items were traded within the hours of the opening which was only just over an hour.

We did learn a few lessons from this exhibition.
It seems that the concept of trade is an unusual one for most people.
Some had no idea what they could have traded for pieces they liked and not everything offered for trade was practical for some of the artists….after all, it’s going to cost someone quite a bit to come over to Kangaroo Island to give me a massage and I couldn’t really accept an offer to landscape the garden for the same reason. iTunes cards were a good trade for me as I use lots of iTunes credit, so that helped so out most of my trades.

There have been lots of flow-on interest in my work as well and I have had enquiries for other pieces, similar and different to what has gone in to the exhibition. I am having a bit of a ‘brain drain’ at the moment now that the adrenalin of preparation is over but….there’s still more to do soon…..Easter market…..prep for new stuff for SALA and I had better get my thinking cap on for October’s Art Feast…..

One of the stand outs in the collective’s exhibition was the collection of larger than life photoprints which my boyfriend put up….all stunning photos and even more so in the dimensions he had them printed out in….it is even more impressive in real life to see these stunning photos up close and see the detail in the Ospreys and the sea lions…..


Now that all that mad frenzy of getting pieces ready for the exhibition are over, I have been busy catching up with ‘this and that’ and last weekend saw me busy with wire….


I made lots of jumprings to weave into bracelets for some commisioned orders and they turned up really lovely…..


So now…..this weekend has been spent setting up our new iPads, updating software and dealing with all those oh-so-necessary techie issues we seem to use daily nowadays to keep in touch with the outside world. Well…..certainly true for me out here in a remote location on a faraway island…

Just thought I should take a break to update this page and when I get the pieces back from the exhibition, I will post them up here and possibly in the shop as well for sale.
Stay tuned……..



x-change pieces…..finally finished….

*phew* and **double phew**

All that hard work is now finished, just have to get the items to Adelaide to set up for the exhibition and have a good time!!!

Catalogue descriptions have been submitted, my ‘reference photos’ have been done – shaky hands didn’t help but they are good enough for my personal reference.

Here are a couple of the ‘group shots’ so you can have a sneak peek at what is going up to Adelaide on Thursday.

Oceanlife Pendants

X-change bracelets

The necklace below is is my ‘play’ with copper….it just makes the blues in the beads ‘pop’…and I love the effect, so what do you think?

Mermaid's favourite
Playing with copper


……….and the other side of the focal bead…….


Mermaid's favourite - the other sideSo, there you go…..some images of the pieces I have put together for x-change.

See you at the exhibition?




Exciting week coming up…..

Well, next week will be a very full one for us……going up to Adelaide on Thursday to set up for the X-Change exhibition.

All the pieces are now done, just have to prepare the catalogue, write up descriptions and rate the pieces, take reference photos so I know what’s there and then pack!!!

I will post piccies up here later and then also photos of beads to be made up into pieces for the gallery and for sale through my FB page.

Just hoping this hayfever attack goes away soon – it’s NOT fun to try and do stuff with a super runny nose, itchy throat, ears and eyes!!! *yuk*

Catch you later!



X-change by Small Change Collective

This exhibition is a little bit different.

Brought to you by the “Small Change Collective”, this group of 10 artists have all produced their work without concern for what money it might bring to them. Instead they are happy to trade their art for (almost) whatever you are willing to offer them!

A trailer for a framed limited edition print? Yes! A couple of bottles of champagne for a necklace? Sure thing! A massage for a polymer clay dragon? Why not!

I am taking part in this exhibition with 10 other talented artists.

Some sneak peeks of what I am working on ……….





Come and check out the final results for yourself at the Santos Conservation Centre.
The opening is on 26th February from 2-4pm.
Come along, bring your fiends and spread the word…….looking forward to seeing you there.



2012 – exciting start to the year of the water dragon……

Happy Lunar New Year to everyone.

I know I have not posted in a long time, been busy, busy, busy and now I am baaack with LOTS of new inspiration and creative energy!

February will be a BIG month for me, new work and an exhibition with 10 other talented artists. A theme with a twist!

………. stay tuned…….. more to come…… the mean time…..


Wishing you and your loved ones a year of happiness and good health!!


~~~ SimplyBea ~~~





Frustration…..customer service vs $$$$$$

Well….wouldn’t you know it…..
I virtually ‘live’ with my iPad since the day I have had it, it has my address book, diary, notes, books, movies, music, and…….yes… magazine subscriptions…which are now totally unavailable to me!!!!

* NEW: Experiencing crashes after updating to iPad app version 2.1.1? A few users have reported that the app crashes a few minutes into using it. The problem can be remedied immediately by deleting your existing app and reinstalling from scratch in the App Store. You’ll still have access to all of your magazines, however, if you do this you will need to re-download issues. We are in the process of submitting a fix to Apple for those who prefer not to reinstall.

THAT message has been up on the Zinio site for a couple ofbweeks now and when I sent an email to their supportt team to query the ETA….nada….straight up first response was to delete app and re-download ALL my magazines.
Follow up response was curt and not helpful…won’t go there….

Humph…..for people with huge/unlimited internet limits and fast speeds…not a problem.

This country lass has to deal with a funky, unreliable, limited satellite service….so…..guess I am just gonna have to wait and just pretend I do not have those magazines and then hopefully when it is fixed… will be like Christmas….assuming it will be fixed by then.

Oh well….another instance of ‘customer service’ from busines that says….gimme gimme gimme…..and oh yeah, when it’s broke…..whatever…..

~~~ SimplyBea ~~~


Lentils and lots of yummy ingredients….

Yes, it has been another hectic period getting beads ready for Fine Art Kangaroo Island so it hasn’t helped that I have been unwell for most of the last fortnight.
There’s been a bug (or a few) making the rounds here on the island and one of them caught up with me as well…..I thought it was just a short visit but two weeks later, I still feel stuffed up, congested and not too great.
On the plus side, the headaches and fever which I started with seem to have said goodbye….which is nice.

Now……the slow cooker has been busy yet again, it is just such a great way to cook, reduces the time to monitor jow a dish is going along, if it’s getting burnt or going dry…..all that fuss just isn’t there plus the bonus of a lovely pot of yummy food to see us over a few days.
This morning…lots of yummy goodies went in, we’ll see how it turns out but I am already getting some great smells and getting hungry!


Lentils, zucchini, carrots, celery, potatoes, cauliflower with lots of yummy spices……mmmmm

What are you having for dinner tonight?

Catch you later…..