“My Signature Style”……..

Someone recently asked me what my signature style is and that got me thinking.

I am very much influenced by the colours of the ocean as I spent many years working on the beach at Seal Bay as a guide and it was the draw of the ocean that brought me to Seal Bay (via an ex-husband) so that is an influence in most of my favourite beads.

I love textures and the organic feel of silver on glass, something I incorporate a lot of in my beads. I am not saying it is a look or technique I created but it was one which I fell in love with and have incorporated into my ‘signature beads’ with a twist….. literally, a twist to bring out the colours and combine the textures.

Just a few examples of recent beads which I had to photograph to upload on ArtFire for sale to raise funds for the Queensland Flood Relief fund.

Do you see a signature style?


Sometimes I melt the glass smooth and at other times (my personal preference) I leave some texture on the bead which the wearer/owner can appreciate, much like a ‘worry bead’ or a ‘thinkers stone’………

Well……. back to the caravan to take advantage of this cooler weather. Making beads when it is hot is a challenge and I am trying to put together a stockpile of beads to make earrings and maybe simple bracelets and necklaces……… stay tuned!

~~~ SimplyBea – Kangaroo Island ~~~


I’m just waiting for the kiln to cool……..

Well….. first of all, I should be in bed sleeping after such a late night/early morning on the torch.
I spent several hours last night making beads for the Queensland Flood Relief fund raising exercise I have committed myself to until the end of February and the next couple of weeks are going to be so busy and the weather forecast is for hot days, I just took advantage of a cool night.
It ended up being a COLD night by 5am this morning and I was still so cold even wrapped up in layers of quilt and spread plus cats in bed that I just couldn’t get to sleep. We’ll see how long I last today!
I am waiting for the kiln to cool before taking the beads out to clean and there are so many other household chores I should really be attending to as well but I just wanted to post some of the beads that have gone off to new homes from the first batch I put up.

The visions of brown rushing water and people on rooftops waiting to be rescued, towns submerged in no time at all….. visions which were too depressing and hard for me to accept. My thoughts turned to the ocean where the water should be clean and clear as mother nature intended…… but we know the reality unfortunately.

So I have used lots of silver foil to bring out the sparkle of the ocean hues and a beautiful raku frit with hues of blue, purple, green and brown….. tones which would represent the situation without being depressing and textures in the beads with twists, turns, rakes and sometimes even ‘drops’ on the surface…..

Lots of silver foil in this one with aquamarine tones to capture the feel of the ocean where the water will eventually end up.

A darker cobalt blue base

Gorgeous hues from the raku frit against a black base

Raku frit swirled through aqua glass

Texture, ‘water drops’,  lots of silver foil and raking in this bead

The end result – beads on waxed cotton to be used as bead charms on USB stick, key chains, zipper toggles or anything you want to personalise which has a little ‘handle’ to put the cord through.

Thank you for looking and I will be putting more beads up as they are ready on my Artfire Store.

~~~ SimplyBea on Kangaroo Island ~~~


New shopping cart

Just a few items listed for a quick purchase…


7 on the Wall opening @ Sunset Winery

Well…….. I FINALLY made it to the opening night of an exhibition I am participating in.

How pathetic is that you ask? I find the drive back in the dark, with potential kangaroos, wallabies & possums moving across the road in front of the car, very stressful and until last night it was just all too hard. Luckily friends who wanted to go were kind enough to meet me at a corner not too far from home and that made a BIG difference!

It was a nice evening, lots of people turned up and Fleur was surprised I made it. I didn’t tell her “just in case” I couldn’t make it.

Sophie Lewis put on an amazing performance with the dance of the Seven veils and the basement of the winery was magically transformed for the exhibition with gorgeous fabrics draped across the wall and it was all very nice!

I feel very honoured to be exhibiting my line SimplyBea alongside Diana Keir, Fred Peters, Janine Mackintosh, Jenny Clapson, Mark Capon & Neil Sheppard.

My theme was The Seven Chakras

Chakra Chart - SimplyBea

There were lots of favourable comments on my bracelets and it made it all so very worthwhile putting in that extra effort and the twinges in my left hand…… and it was oh so very nice chatting with the lovely Suzanne from Melbourne who was the first person to buy two of the Seven Chakra bracelets.

Seven Chakras Bracelet
The Seven Chakras

A fantastic way to wear all seven Chakras at one time and the beads are textured so they are also great as “worry beads”.

It is always nice to know where my pieces go to and how they are perceived. All in all…… a very exciting evening after an eventful day.

A “blip” at work which set off an anxiety attack – I am going to have to handle that better because I know there will be more to come.

A fabulous surprise to be called by the Post Master saying….. “Bea – there’s a parcel for you, it has JUST arrived…….!” ……. YES…. it was from the USA…… and it had my new baby, THE SCORPION!!!!

The Scorpion
My New Torch!!!!!!

So now…. fun and games, trying to set it up…….. AND getting ready for the NEXT exhibition opening next week at Fine Art!

Catch you later – I am soooooo excited!!!!!

~~~ SimplyBea ~~~


Calendula flowers from my garden…..

Some pics of the lovely Calendula flowers I have in the garden at the moment.

They are such a beautifully sunny yellow that it cheers me up straight away just looking at the flowers. They are so stunning and just the variations in yellow is amazing as well.

Close up of one of my Calendulas
Close up of Calendula
Calendula Close up
Another Calendula Close up
Another Calendula Close up
A Bright Yellow Calendula
The Calendula Patch
The Calendula Patch - After harvesting!

Well – I should have thought about taking the photo BEFORE HARVESTING the flowers that day but there are so many new flowers again today that I might get another pic later. I am so pleased that they have done well and apparently they self sow so I will have lots more plants and flowers from now on.

~~~ SimplyBea ~~~


I am getting a (new torch) Scorpion!!!!

OMG I am so excited!!!!

I just received the confirmation email for my new torch. I have heard so much about this torch and how good it is that I just HAD to upgrade.

I want to start playing with “hard glass” and my current torch will probably not be as hot as the Scorpion even with a bigger oxygen concentrator (which I have ordered and am waiting for confirmation of delivery) so it will certainly be interesting to see how it will all work out.

Certainly being ‘single handed’ and housebound because of the injury to my left hand these last two weeks has been frustrating but it has also given me time at home to get on the (very glitchy) internet to gather information and check things out.

I have already received my glass sample packs which I have not been able to get to and am waiting for the splint to be removed to see when I can get back on the torch.

In the meantime, I have had some ‘moments’ and there have been the odd moments of frustration just because everything seems that little bit more complicated and takes just that bit longer….. I just have to be patient and let things work out……

So – here’s a pic of the torch……..

My New Torch!!!!!!

I am soooooooooo excited……..!!!!

~~~~ p~a~t~i~e~n~c~e ~~~

30 days in June and 31 days in July….. so who’s counting?????