I’m glad I made it to the market……

So… it was market day again today and yesterday was supposed to have been a day of making, prepping and packing…… but I just couldn’t quite muster up the energy and inspiration until late in the afternoon.

Yesterday was my first ‘Day Off’ since we have come back from our holiday and there are still bags to unpack….

It’s been a whirlwind with one day back in the office and then off again to the mainland for a couple of days of pre-season fire support training and then back for one night to whiz off to host a weekend retreat of ‘Oily Pleasures’ at Flinders Chase, back to a full on busy week at work……

I woke up yesterday, relaxed with lots of good intentions but as I sat down to unpack and check off all the recently received supplies for my balms etc… the morning got away and then I started to slow down and before I knew it it was mid afternoon without much market prep done.

Out came my iTOVI scanner and a quick reading told me which oils I whould use to perk me up and sure enough, once I popped them into the diffuser and applied some topically on me, the enthusiasm and energy flowed back. Unfortunately it was too late to whip out the double boilers and weighing scales so no balms were made.  I still felt tired – no amount of oily support is going to make up for tiredness from continued racing around (mentally and physically) so it was fair enough that I just needed some down time.

I even contemplated not going to the market today, the detour and ‘what if’ scenarios playing out in my mind…. all ‘those voices’ making excuses for me to just stay home today… but I decided that I should just go and meet people, talk to some folks and enjoy some time out.

As it turned out, it was an awesome day and I feel so much better for making the effort to be at the market and being able to serve the people who came today. It is always an awesome feeling when I am able to help someone feel better with the help of these wonderful gifts of nature and today was no exception.

It made my day that I was able to help folks feel better, it was good to feel that I could be of service and share these wonderful gifts that I now love so much for their potency and efficacy.

It was an awesome day out and tired through I might still be, it is now a tiredness filled with satisfaction and gratitude.

I now have two weeks to plan for the next market and this time I will have some balms and new products made up for the gift giving season.

~~~ SimplyBea on Kangaroo Island ~~~



It’s May already….. time does go quick when you are loving life!

So, it’s almost half way through 2017 and so much has happened.
If you recall, late last year I was in pain, unable to spend much time on the torch and to tell you the truth, I seriously thought I might have to give up lamp working.
When we were away on holiday in October/November last year, my left arm was in such pain and there were many moments when I didn’t even feel like I had the strength to lift my handbag much less push my suitcase along as we moved from one airport to another, one vacation location to another.
As chance would have it, a friend who is an osteopath recommended that I use a lacrosse ball and that with 10 days of swimming twice a day helped ease the pain a little bit but I still felt like I didn’t have full strength in my left arm and I was in pain most of the time.
Then in January, in my quest for essential oils that I needed to top up to make some soap as we were running out…. I came across these wonderful oils that I am now so in love with.
For a few weeks, I used the oil on my knees, neck and shoulder in the morning and even along the upper left arm. It gave me relief for the greater art of my day and so it became part of my daily routine.
Then in April, I started taking the supplements and I didn’t notice any difference but on the days that I forgot to apply the oil blend to my neck and shoulders, I didn’t seem to have that stiff aching anymore.
I had to go away for a week in early May and didn’t take the supplements with me… and thought i might put my neck out (I normally do when I don’t use my own pillow) but surprisingly, I was alright! I even managed to sleep quite well while I was away – that is normally a huge challenge when I am away from home.
I have now had several sessions on the torch from 2-4 hours and I have felt fine after that so it seems I am on a roll now.
On top of that…. I have had this really hard and awful bump on the top of my left foot which actually grew quite a bit last summer so much so that I was unable to wear my work boots because it felt like my circulation was cut off and my foot would go numb… but in the last couple of weeks I have noticed that the ganglian seems to have actually shrunk quite a lot. So maybe I can get away without having to have it surgically removed after all.
So….what has changed??
I am using these amazing oils in my daily routine and that’s the only change I have had.
Incredible, it’s true, they smell amazing and I feel good…. I am so grateful to have them in my life <3 ~~~ Lucky B ~~~ SimplyBea on Kangaroo Island


Kangaroo Island Inspiration – Authentic Kangaroo Island

If you have been to Kangaroo Island, you will know how pristine the waters are here and how the sandy beaches are just glorious….most of them have fine white/beige sand and we are so very lucky we can still walk barefoot along the sandy beaches here.

These beads are a long time favourite of mine to make and everyone who sees them is reminded of the beaches and the coastline of Kangaroo Island.

SimplyBea Lampworked Beads – Inspired by the Kangaroo Island Coastline

It’s no wonder that they are my ‘flagship’ look and this inspiration carries on over to many of my pieces.

I am also very pleased to announce that I am now a part of the Authentic Kangaroo Island team which showcases that same look as part of their branding exercise.

Thanks for looking 🙂

~~~LuckyB @ SimplyBea~~~






Back at the Markets!!!

Yesterday was such a gorgeous day in Kingscote, I am so glad I decided to get a stall at the Kingscote Farmer’s Market. It wasn’t an overly busy day in comparison to the other market days but for me, it was good as it gave me a chance to chat with folks and actually have a conversation with most people who dropped by. It’s not easy when you are on your own at the markets, trying to engage with visitors and not ignore anybody. So if you did see me at the market and I wasn’t able to catch up with you, my utmost apologies!!!

SimplyBea at Kingscote Farmer’s Market

I was really lucky that my stall was in a location that allowed me to enjoy the occasional breeze that came through and I was even able to get power to run the doTERRA diffuser at my stall. That was really helpful, the Frankincense kept me alert and focused, sending a lovely scent around my stall. I was able to showcase the kit I encourage newcomers to get – the Home Essentials Kit which is a great way to be introduced to the doTERRA range.

doTERRA Home Essentials Kit
doTERRA Home Essentials Kit

The kit comes with a diffuser and 10 oils. Six 15ml bottles of single essential oils – Frankincense, Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, Oregano, Tea Tree. Three doTERRA 15ml blends – On Guard, DigestZen, EasyAir and one 5ml bottle of Ice Blue (THE magic oil for strains/sprains). All this for AUD330 if you sign up for a wholesale account.

If you purchase each individual item on its own, the cost at wholesale is AUD427.75 and at retail it would be AUD570.47. So as you can see, it is definitely a great savings to sign up for a wholesale account.

You can read the details HERE on how to sign up.

If you sign up through me and get the Home Essentials Kit, you will get one of my handmade AromaVessels ($45 retail) as a gift from me for signing up before 28th Feb 2017.

AromaVessel_Aqua_Swirls – Inspired by the clear waters of Kangaroo Island

There are a few to choose from and I will send you the available ones once you have signed up for your doTERRA account. Even if you just pay for your wholesale membership which gets you 25% discount of all your purchases – $35 for the first year and $25 (with a free bottle of Peppermint) each year after that – you will still get to pick your own AromaVessel. Remember, there is no obligation to buy every month but believe me, once you try these oils……you will be wanting to get them all and use the ones you get!

Check out all the great info on my Facebook Page , I will be posting more hints and tips on how to enjoy your essential oils.

Send me an email or a message me through my Facebook Page if you would like more details.

Have a great week!

~~~Lucky B @ SimplyBea~~~













Almost October…..again!!!

It’s just a few days away now to the October long weekend and I will be busy on the torch at Raptor Domain doing lampwork demos as part of Kangaroo Island Art Feast.

This year it is going to be more then just the long weekend as Art Feast has been extended and I thought I might as well give it a go as it is always fun to meet people and show how I make the glass owl beads that are sold at Raptor Domain. Will I see you there?

I will be doing demonstrations on the torch several times a day between 10.30am – 3.30pm on October 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 8th, 9th, 17th and 18th.

This year there will be other bird pendants as well to pick from.

Hope to see you over the next three weekends.

Bye for now 🙂


Busy weekend at Raptor Domain

So, it’s day 2 of 3 and it has been lots of fun so far. Still fighting to swallow normally and still having to be careful with what I can eat which is still reasonably soft food or a smoothie.. That’s okay… better than not to be able to eat at all.
Only two more of these HUGE antibiotic pills to go…. Yay

Yes, they have been a real challenge to swallow with this horrible ulcer but that’s what Dr. J prescribed to get rid of the infection and get better sooner.
So, I have followed the doctor’s instructions, taken my meds and rested…
The pay off is that I have been able to get well enough to do the demos at Raptors Domain for the Kangaroo Island Art Feast weekend.
It’s been great…nice and relaxed, lots of interested people and happy customers taking my pieces to new happy homes

What a great setup I have had, it’s been a real pleasure melting glass here this weekend ❤️


Then came July and after that came August….

So…another busy couple of months with lots happening.
I have finished most of the pieces for my collection to be exhibited during the Kangaroo Island Art Feast in October. It was challenging, working with recycled glass but I think the pieces came out pretty well.
The theme for the exhibition is ‘Life On The Edge’ and it will be located at Pelican Lagoon.
My slant on this of course had to be with glass……giving the glass a Second Chance to shine long after the contents it held have been consumed.

Recycling glass from bottles to make beads to feature in beautiful pieces of jewelry, finished with handmade sterling silver components.


A set made from a bottle of Moët Chandon which I had with a friend to celebrate a crazy period at work and the start of a new financial year – looking ahead!


The glass for this set above came from our favourite sparkling ale brewed in the bottle by the Coopers brewery in South Australia.


This gorgeous blue glass is from the Bombay Sapphire gin bottle.

I am also working on using pieces of sea glass found along the coastline after being cast away and then years of being beautifully refined by Mother Nature to be incorporated into jewelry with handmade sterling silver components.

In the midst of all this, at work I have been busy with end of financial year reconciliations, attending a course in Micro Business Operation which has been really interesting and connecting with lots of interesting people.

Then, it seems like we have had some record rains here on Kangaroo Island and there have been days when I thought I might need a boat to get down the driveway and I felt like I had to wear a thousand layers to stay warm.
Today, the sun came out, the birds were singing and it almost felt like spring had sprung.

So, it’s been ‘a tad busy’ in my world and it’s not going to slow down any time soon.
More to do, more to finish and looking forward to it all and sharing my journey with you here.

In the meantime if you want to stay in touch, make sure you like my Facebook Page and feel free to drop me a comment when you drop in there.

Until later…..

Keeping busy on Kangaroo Island !!!!


September already!!!!!

Here I go again…..this time, no apologies for the length between posts because I have been BUSY and have actually been updating my facebook page, so if you are keen to follow my ‘work-in-progress’, head on over to my SimplyBea FB page and ‘Like’ it to keep updated.
So here are a few piccies of some of the pieces I have worked on in this August/September period.


   Starfish pendants in boro


Seahorse pendants in boro


Mermaids in boro


The mermaids are a reasonable size


Mini Coral reef garden marbles

All these pieces will come together this afternoon to form a mermaid’s garden at Fine Art Kangaroo Island for the KI Art Feast which will be launched next week on 28th September 2012 in Kingscote.

Once I have set it up, I will post new pics here and on my FaceBook Page.

Catch you later!



Mad March…..it’s been busy, mad, crazy and fabulous…

Well….it’s been a while between posts (again) but for a good reason this time.
X-change at the Santos Centre finishes today and the opening was a huge success, great turnout and lots of items were traded within the hours of the opening which was only just over an hour.

We did learn a few lessons from this exhibition.
It seems that the concept of trade is an unusual one for most people.
Some had no idea what they could have traded for pieces they liked and not everything offered for trade was practical for some of the artists….after all, it’s going to cost someone quite a bit to come over to Kangaroo Island to give me a massage and I couldn’t really accept an offer to landscape the garden for the same reason. iTunes cards were a good trade for me as I use lots of iTunes credit, so that helped so out most of my trades.

There have been lots of flow-on interest in my work as well and I have had enquiries for other pieces, similar and different to what has gone in to the exhibition. I am having a bit of a ‘brain drain’ at the moment now that the adrenalin of preparation is over but….there’s still more to do soon…..Easter market…..prep for new stuff for SALA and I had better get my thinking cap on for October’s Art Feast…..

One of the stand outs in the collective’s exhibition was the collection of larger than life photoprints which my boyfriend put up….all stunning photos and even more so in the dimensions he had them printed out in….it is even more impressive in real life to see these stunning photos up close and see the detail in the Ospreys and the sea lions…..


Now that all that mad frenzy of getting pieces ready for the exhibition are over, I have been busy catching up with ‘this and that’ and last weekend saw me busy with wire….


I made lots of jumprings to weave into bracelets for some commisioned orders and they turned up really lovely…..


So now…..this weekend has been spent setting up our new iPads, updating software and dealing with all those oh-so-necessary techie issues we seem to use daily nowadays to keep in touch with the outside world. Well…..certainly true for me out here in a remote location on a faraway island…

Just thought I should take a break to update this page and when I get the pieces back from the exhibition, I will post them up here and possibly in the shop as well for sale.
Stay tuned……..



“My Signature Style”……..

Someone recently asked me what my signature style is and that got me thinking.

I am very much influenced by the colours of the ocean as I spent many years working on the beach at Seal Bay as a guide and it was the draw of the ocean that brought me to Seal Bay (via an ex-husband) so that is an influence in most of my favourite beads.

I love textures and the organic feel of silver on glass, something I incorporate a lot of in my beads. I am not saying it is a look or technique I created but it was one which I fell in love with and have incorporated into my ‘signature beads’ with a twist….. literally, a twist to bring out the colours and combine the textures.

Just a few examples of recent beads which I had to photograph to upload on ArtFire for sale to raise funds for the Queensland Flood Relief fund.

Do you see a signature style?


Sometimes I melt the glass smooth and at other times (my personal preference) I leave some texture on the bead which the wearer/owner can appreciate, much like a ‘worry bead’ or a ‘thinkers stone’………

Well……. back to the caravan to take advantage of this cooler weather. Making beads when it is hot is a challenge and I am trying to put together a stockpile of beads to make earrings and maybe simple bracelets and necklaces……… stay tuned!

~~~ SimplyBea – Kangaroo Island ~~~