Yes, it is 2017 and it’s already been busy, fun filled, full of new and exciting happenings all around me.

2016 was a year full of challenges met and satisfactorily overcome. A year of high energy and immense satisfaction in meeting challenges, resolving issues and getting on top of lots of things. Yes, I sound vague but I don’t want to bore you with the details 🙂

So…..late last year, I decided that I would invest in myself and make it an even better year going forward. I signed up for a course about setting goals and keeping an abundant and positive mindset. I am more mindful of my innerspeak, my perspective on life and getting up earlier to have some me time to gather my thoughts and set the tone for my day.

It’s been awesome, I still have ‘sleep ins’ occasionally until the alarm goes off but I do enjoy those mornings when I sneak out of bed and have an hour or more to myself and enjoy that silence of the morning, sometimes with one (or both) of the cats trying to snuggle up on my lap.

Part of that journey of investing in myself led me to look for a good supplier of essential oils that I can use around me all day. Our stash of soap is running low which means I will need to make some more soon and I only use essential oils in my soaps and balms, so that got me going.

That led me to doTERRA as I had good reviews on their products from people in my business mastermind who absolutely love them and have formed a great support group for promoting the product range.

Then of course, as I LOVE having my oils around me ALL DAY, it’s not easy plugging in a diffuser and walking around with it, so I started making more AromaVessels to use and that got me back into the studio again which has been awesome. I had neck and shoulder issues last October during the KI ArtFeast demos and had to give up as it was just too painful to be on the torch.

AromaVessel inspired by Kangaroo Island Beaches

So now I am all set to promote my love for essential oils and the range which I love which is doTERRA and for anyone who signs up through me before the end of February 2017, I will be gifting them an AromaVessel made by me.

I will have a stall at the Kingscote Farmers Market over the next few months, so keep a look out on my page as I will post  to advise when I am there. Come and have a look at the creations I will bring with me and have a chat about doTERRA essential oils if you are keen.

More information on how to buy the doTERRA oils HERE.

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2017 – a wonderful year ahead!!!

~~~ LuckyB @ SimplyBea ~~~