2017 – it has been am AMAZING year for me personally on so many levels.

After being a recluse for so many years, and making excuses for not going out and meeting people, 2017 has been awesome for getting me out of my shell.

I have enjoyed being part of the Kingscote Farmers’ Market, sharing my love of doTERRA essential oils, meeting new people and helping folks from all walks of life with oily solutions. I have created a page on Facebook to share my oily knowledge and I also have a group where we share oily experiences.

I loved the buzz at my first doTERRA Convention at the Gold Coast in March this year, meeting up with like minded folks and learning lots – so much so that I have already registered for the Convention next year in Sydney – will you come with me?

It’s been an amazing year of good health and general well being without my history of hayfever, sinus attacks, sore neck and shoulders, stiff joints… it’s just been a pretty amazing year of good health for which I am very grateful. The only thing that has changed in my daily routine has been my use of pure therapeutic grade essential oils. If you would like to know more about these oils, check out my FB page or subscribe to my blog as I intend to share more of these experience in the coming months.

I have celebrated 20 years on Kangaroo Island, so many awesome experience in these years and treasured memories with lots of valuable lessons learnt along the way.

I have started doing the markets again and it has been a great venue to connect with folks who want to try out the oils, work out a solution for their personal issues and of course I offer free iTOVI health scans to those who want to have them.

I have had an awesome time meeting new suppliers at the Melbourne Trade Fair and have managed to develop and increase the retail revenue at work, it has been an extremely satisfying experience and a win/win situation for everyone.

Essentially (pun intended) it has been a year of positive change, awesome experiences, new friendships, growing relationships and ‘coming out’ of my shell in more ways than one.

I am looking forward to the fabulous adventures ahead in 2018!!!

Wishing you and your loved ones a year of fulfilled expectations and intentions!

~~~ LuckyB @ SimplyBea~~~

Kangaroo Island – South Australia