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Here’s a bit of info on what services I offer.

I am an aromaZen facilitator, a Hibiscus Moon certified crystal practitioner, I am also a practioner in Access Bars and AromaTouch.

I use different vibrational energy tools which can help facilitate the restoration of our inner balance. This in turn brings on greater vibrational harmony and helps our bodies to reset our vibrations to a better balance and cope with external influences that we encounter daily.

I believe that when we feel balanced inside of us, our bodies are in a better position to support our personal wellness.

As vibrational beings, there are so many external influences that can affect our personal vibrations which can throw our bodies out of kelter, especially when we are vibrating at a lower energetic level.

I use an assortment of instruments which have different vibrational frequencies that will resonate to bring balance to different parts of the body while it is in deep relaxation.

I work on recalibrating the chakras with a guided meditation and will also use pure grade essential oils as aromatic anchors.

I hold in-person aromaZen sessions for groups mainly in Kingscote on Kangaroo Island.

I can also facilitate private 1:1 and group sessions for aromaZen and/or any of the other modalities listed above – just send me an email (simplybea.bookings at gmail dot com) or message through my Facebook Page.

Thanks for dropping in and I hope you will come again.

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Bea with Crystal Bowls

Bea with Crystal Bowls