Well, yes.. I knew it was going to be a busy period but I wasn’t prepared for the extra frustration from a healing hand.

My left hand has “good days” and “bad days” and there have been quite a few of the latter recently.

I am not giving up and it has actually made me rethink and review how I do things so that I have had to change the way I hold my tools and how I am working on the torch but it is not bad, just frustrating because I was going on “auto pilot” and this has given me a reality chack sp it must be the current message from the univers for me in this moment.

Live in the NOW and BE PRESENT.

On the up side……………..

My daughter has moved back to Australian and is in Melbourne so she is closer, hopefully I will get to spend more quality time with her if I can convince her she needs to regenerate and recharge often with trips back to the island……. of course it will also mean I get to go to the ‘Big Smoke’ to chill out with her…..

We have just had a really wonderful week with her visiting me on the island and we’ve had a good variety of rest, good food, outdoor activities and though it started with some really wet and wild weather, the last couple of days have been really nice and the sun has come through the rain and stayed for a while.

Tomorrow will be a sad day when I take her to the airport but at least we have had a great week together.

Other stuff……. well, I am sooooo excited…… I got an email late last night just as I was heading off to bed and my new torch is ready to be shipped!!!

Can I wait? Barely……. hold me down, I am sooooooo excited!!!!

Now to get those beads out of the kiln from last night, clean them and see what I can do with them……….

~~~ SimplyBea ~~~