Oh my! It’s already 1st December and it’s officially the first day of summer here in Australia….. so you would expect it to be sunny and warm…. but on Kangaroo Island, it’s quite a bit different – it’s been COLD!!!

We had an overcast and cold day, more like early winter or a wet spring day really. As I am writing this, I am wearing my winter coat and both the cats are on my lap ( I think that means they are feeling cold too).

It’s the last month in the year and looking back it has been a HUGE year for me in so many ways and it’s a milestone year as well as it will be my 20th year on Kangaroo Island in just a few days time.

I remember the huge move, from living in a big city with a big (and growing) population of several million, lots of traffic and buildings everywhere……. to an island with a population of 4000 with no traffic lights and no street lights outside of the town….. looking up into the sky and seeing the stars at night, not being able to fall asleep because it was so quiet without all the city noises.

The busy city lifestyle with lots of travel, working in a different city/country every few weeks, shopping centres, airports and hotels…. waking up in a different city in a hotel room ‘somewhere’……  making my way through heavy traffic to get from one place to another or checking in once again at the airport to get from once city/country to another…. THAT was my life 20 years ago.

Today…… I live on an island in South Australia (keep going south a couple of thousand kilometres and the next stop is the Antarctic) with no traffic lights or roundabouts, no street lights outside the 3 main towns, the sound of the wind in the trees or the koala grunting outside on a nearby gum tree, sheep on the driveway (sometimes a cow or more), the night sky lit up by stars when there are no clouds and we are so lucky to have such a pristine environment here that we use rainwater for all our drinking, cooking and washing instead of chlorinated and fluoridated town water.

I work at a natural wildlife marine sanctuary, we grow our own veggies and herbs as much as we can, I make my own skin and personal care products……. and I am getting back down to basics with our healthcare supported by a fabulous range of therapeutic grade essential oils.

This year has been a fantastic year for feeling good. I was starting to feel the aches and pains that come with a desk bound job with so many hours on a computer and of course turning 58 has a great deal to do with it for sure – normal wear and tear on the body is to be expected.

This time last year we had come back from our annual vacation and I was still in pain in my left arm (which had been so bad in October I had to stop lamp work demonstrations) and my neck, back and shoulders were just achy from being tense from concentration at work. It’s no fun having Tennis Elbow or a frozen shoulder!! It was common for me to bring my wheat bag to work to give me some relief from that tension. It was also a common sight for me to have a day of endless sneezing, coughing, teary eyes and some days it was so bad my ribs and stomach would be aching from the severe hay fever attacks that I was so prone to at this time of the year.

Canola Field - Kangaroo Island

Canola Field – used to make my eyes itch just driving past

Today…… I can walk into a field of grass or flowering canola, or just be out and about amongst flowering plants and be just fine. I have not had a hay fever attack at all this season!!! I no longer have to use the wheat bags for relief on my neck, back and shoulders.

What’s changed?

I was introduced to doTERRA essential oils by Leonie Dawson. She posted on her Instagram that she had started using essential oils and was loving it. We were (I thought) running out of soap and I needed to make some more, I wanted some fresh essential oils (no – I have never used synthetic fragrances in my products) and there were two brands that kept popping up in conversations and in my online feeds. With one of them, lots of friends in Malaysia were using the brand…. but when I tried to obtain information on their oils it was so hard I gave up and decided to get the basic starter kit from doTERRA because it was such good value and I wanted the diffuser…..

Well…… let me tell you….. THAT CHANGED MY LIFE!!!

I was able to find relief from the pain that was in my elbow and neck, the aches in my neck, back and shoulders within just hours of using the oils and over the next few months when I started using the oils and taking the supplements…. I have not looked back. In the last few years, I have had to travel with my pillow – honestly, it is not fun having a stiff neck or shoulder from using a pillow that doesn’t support your neck/shoulder but now I don’t have any issues and am quite okay with just making do with the pillows provided. THAT is another huge thing for me. In June, I noticed that the ganglian that has been growing quite a bit on my left foot didn’t seem as big as it was last summer, not sure why but…… that was another change I have noticed.

In late September I noticed that my eyes were not tearing up nor getting itchy as I drove in and out of Kingscote past those flowering fields of Canola… that used to set me off almost every time in the past. I made my partner take me to a canola field, I got out and WALKED IN amongst the flowers…. did a bit of a ‘Sound of Music twirl’ and waved my arms around to stir up the flowers (if anybody had been watching they would have thought I was crazy!!) and breathed in huge lungfuls….. and…… NO SNEEZING….. NO ITCHY EYES…. NO COUGHING !!!!

What’s changed?

All I have changed in my regime has been my use of essential oils since late January 2017 and taking the supplements since April 1st this year. NOTHING ELSE but MY LIFE HAS CHANGED so much for the better that I have been sharing my love of the oils I can’t stop talking about them, sharing them with people around me and just generally feeling awesome and happy with these changes in my health.

Yes…. my enthusiasm must have been scary because some people actually started to avoid me when I tried to tell them that the oils could help them…. but it has been a good turnaround now… I am almost into my 11th month with the oils and I am feeling really good with my health and in myself. They have helped in my physical health and they have also helped support me in my emotional needs as well. When I am feeling down (not so often these days) or unmotivated, using the oils aromatically help to centre me once again and give me a boost to get up and keep going.

So…. I ramble… and I will probably ramble a bit more but it’s been an awesome 11 months of sharing these oils and seeing the difference it has made in so many people, it makes my heart sing. I have always been told I am a ‘Mother Hen’, ‘Nurturer’ and sometimes my kin have teased me about being ‘Dr. Quack’ as I pull out some oil, potion or balm for an ailment….. so nothing has changed really…. except that I now have an arsenal of beautiful oils that have been researched and tested to be of therapeutic grade and they are produced ethically and thoughtfully from plants that have been grown and harvested in communities that are supported by the use of these oils.

So as I muse on the last month of this year and the start of a new adventure of healing and caring…. as I am about to celebrate 20 years of living simply on an island I call Paradise…. I feel happy, content and most importantly I feel well.

If you would like to follow me on this journey….. feel free to subscribe to my blog. I know it’s been a bit neglected over the last few years but I am once again finding purpose in my wellness.

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