Isn’t it just incredibly sad and overpowering at the same time that all the above can be happening at THE SAME MOMENT in a different part of the world?

It’s almost like living between sliding doors where you enter different experiences as you open one door after another… it is just so awful to turn on the radio or the TV and hear of people being pulled out of collpsed/collapsing buildings, homes and properties swamped by flood water, crews racing out to battle fires and then…… the senseless shootings and attacks on peaceful demonstrators.

Times like this make me want to just shut myself away from the rest of the world and just concentrate on that big bushy flame in front of me to melt glass and make pretty beads.

So sad…… that in this day and age when nature shows her strength/fury and man grapples with survival that somewhere else in the world there is senseless life taking. There are better things in life than power struggles and dictatorship.

My thoughts go out to those who are caught in the floods of Queensland, fires in Western Australia, earthquake in New Zealand and protests in the Middle East.


~~~ SimplyBea – Kangaroo Island ~~~