15th May 2010

I love your products, thank you for making such beautiful items.

my husband really likes the coffee soap we got a couple of months ago – please make some more so we can keep using it!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Thanks Rae – it’ great having such good feedback!

23rd April 2010

I keep forgetting to tell you but I love the lip balm!

Kate – Kingscote-SA

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Thanks Kate!

17th April 2010

I just love the Lip Balm.

I think it is really great. It has a really nice feel when I put it on.

Lauren – SA

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Thanks Lauren, I hope you continue to enjoy it !

From: Belinda
Sent: 10 March 2010 14:58
To: Bea
Subject: I LOVE Your Soap!!

Hi Bea,

Okay…I’m hooked on your soap now & I need to purchase some more. I noticed on your website that you are low on the round ones – do you have any left at all?? I really liked the one with more oils in it but both felt luxurious on the skin.

You know you should start a whole range of beauty products – if they turn out half as good as your soaps & beads, everyone will be buying them!!!


PS – I hope you are planning a lot of stock for pre-X-Mas shopping?? I think I’ll be sending all my relatives a bar of soap at least!!

>>>>>>>>>> Thanks Belinda and I hope you are enjoying your new stash!

from Kylie
to Bea
date 6 February 2010 22:30

Oh your email reminded me, when I am over, I need to buy some of your lip balm. I use it everyday up here, it is so good in the dry heat… no cracked lips here!

Kylie. x x

>>>>>>> Thank you Kylie and keep those lips well moisturised!

from Julie
to Bea
date 15 January 2010
subject forgot to mention….

the calendula balm has been unreal for clearing up ciara’s nappy rash!! she got it again the night before paul came over, and she was beside herself when she weed or pood. crying so much it was terrible. i said to nick, lets use bea’s balm this time, and see if it helps. she hadn’t had nappy rash til then, so we hadn’t used it. and by last night when i got home, it was hardly red at all, and she hadn’t cried all day. it’s easy to put on. the only thing it is doing is making her bum a bit dry, but that’s cool, when she is healed up we can do something about that.

so…THANK YOU!! it’s heaps good!!

Jules x

>>>>>> Great to get such positive feedback, thanks Jules!

from Luke
to Bea
date 11 January 2010
subject RE: Soap & Balms – feedback

Hi Bea,

I have used the balm 3 times at night, with noticable difference the next morning.
Have not tried the soap as yet – will do tonight & let you know

Thanks again,


>>>>>>> Thanks for the feedback on the lotion bar and balm Luke!