Well….wouldn’t you know it…..
I virtually ‘live’ with my iPad since the day I have had it, it has my address book, diary, notes, books, movies, music, and…….yes…..my magazine subscriptions…which are now totally unavailable to me!!!!

* NEW: Experiencing crashes after updating to iPad app version 2.1.1? A few users have reported that the app crashes a few minutes into using it. The problem can be remedied immediately by deleting your existing app and reinstalling from scratch in the App Store. You’ll still have access to all of your magazines, however, if you do this you will need to re-download issues. We are in the process of submitting a fix to Apple for those who prefer not to reinstall.

THAT message has been up on the Zinio site for a couple ofbweeks now and when I sent an email to their supportt team to query the ETA….nada….straight up first response was to delete app and re-download ALL my magazines.
Follow up response was curt and not helpful…won’t go there….

Humph…..for people with huge/unlimited internet limits and fast speeds…not a problem.

This country lass has to deal with a funky, unreliable, limited satellite service….so…..guess I am just gonna have to wait and just pretend I do not have those magazines and then hopefully when it is fixed…..it will be like Christmas….assuming it will be fixed by then.

Oh well….another instance of ‘customer service’ from busines that says….gimme gimme gimme…..and oh yeah, when it’s broke…..whatever…..

~~~ SimplyBea ~~~