………..and just like that….. a New Year is here…. and I am looking forward to this one in so many ways. 2017 was a great year for me, got me out of my comfort zone and into doing lots of new stuff and redoing stuff I ‘used to do but gave up doing’ …. and a whole new wellness that has left me feeling mostly awesome.

To say that it was ALL GOOD would be telling a lie, I still had moments of anxiety, depression as a result of the anxiety, feelings of helplessness, exasperation and frustration because situations were out of my control….. just the usual things that LIFE throws at us to build our character all the time.

I ended 2016 with pain and discomfort, unable to spend more than a couple of hours on the torch or working with wire without having pain in my left arm or tension in my neck and shoulders…..

2017 has been a year of good health, no hayfever attacks, no more of those hacking belly aching coughs that left my stomach and ribs hurting….. no more sneeze attacks, itchy eyes, rough throat all sore from being itchy and scratchy… no more pills for headaches, heat packs on my shoulders at work because ‘I slept wrong’ or from too many hours on the computer……

This last weekend as I was taking stock of 2017 and preparing myself for the entry into 2018…… it was with a lot of gratitude and happiness, acknowledgement of the huge changes in my life in such a very short time. I am so very happy that making that one small change in my life has made such a HUGE improvement in the quality of my health.

I am grateful for the good health which has blessed me in 2017 and continues to be my companion. I am grateful to have the tools now to not just help my family and  but also to help others around me heal and feel better.

This weekend, I found time to bring out my pliers and silver wire and actually brought out some beads that have been sitting in my studio for a while. I was able to play with wire with ease. Soon I will be firing up the torch again to melt some glass. I am looking forward to a beautiful 2018 – a year to REGENERATE and create.

2018 - first pendants

Playing with glass and wire

Looking forward to re connecting and reigniting… wishing you a fabulous year ahead.

If you would like to know more about how my health and wellness has improved so significantly and if you would like to know how to improve yours, send me an email or message me through my FB page.

~~~Lucky B @ SimplyBea~~~

Kangaroo Island – South Australia