Well, I am a happy camper now…….. all 21 bracelets ready to go into the exhibition at Sunset Winery.

A whole lot of beads

21 bracelets all together!

The theme is 7 on the wall at Sunset featuring 7 artists and I picked the Chakra colours as my inspiration. Lots of glass beads (hours of fun on the torch) and it was a good exercise for me to work with colours I would normally not have used. Getting sets made up was another challenge as I am more for an intuitive, go-with-the-flow session on the torch.

All in all, a good challenge and it was hard on my hand but I am so pleased with the results and the satisfaction of having completed it all is just fantastic.

A sampling of the bracelets……

Seven Chakras

Seven Chakras

Well, there are obviously more but this is just a taste…………..

7 on the wall at Sunset.......

Opening Night

If you are on Kangaroo Island – drop in and check out the pieces for yourself.


~~~ SimplyBea ~~~ @ sunset