So….how quickly time flies by especially when you are NOT having fun…..
I haven’t been feeling great for quite a while now, emotional roller coasters, stress at work and cold wet weather hasn’t helped one bit.

Well… feels like I am finally back on track and looking ahead again.
I have just had a really great period on the torch having fun all over again playing with glass.
That makes a lot of difference…pressure is off, no stress, no deadlines…just letting the glass melt and the energy flow…….
No pics now, camera battery went flat on me last weekend, but I managed to get a lovely set of seven Chakra pieces to take out to Rustic Blue Gallery for their August exhibition.

I should be out in the caravan tonight melting glass but the warmth of a cozy fire kicking back on the lounge with iPad in hand had a certain charm compared to starting up in a freeIng cold studio after a cold day at work……what would YOU have done?

So…hopefully this means I am back on track and there will be more frequent posts and hopefully some pics of my work.

Til next post……stay warm, stay tuned…..
~~~ SimplyBea ~~~
Kangaroo Island