Well, it’s July and we are now well into the new Financial Year here in Australia.
It has been somewhat hectic for me personally since May from the day I cut my hand at work and severed the nerve in my ring finger.
Thankfully that was my left hand and whilst it has been a long period for me in recovery and I still have quite a fair way to go, it has been another good learning period.
In the meantime I have ordered a new torch and am waiting impatiently for it to be shipped out and i have lots of new glass to play with and learn to work with while waiting.
I also have a new (and more powerful) oxygen generator which I have not had time to use as my hand is still not well enough to torch comfortably with.
All in good time and I am enjoying my new iPad and getting ready for a great year ahead.
Tomorrow will be the first market I am back at so I am looking forward to it and hope to present a couple of new soaps.
Ciao for now
It’s a beautiful sunny afternoon on Kangaroo Island today.