So, it’s almost half way through 2017 and so much has happened.
If you recall, late last year I was in pain, unable to spend much time on the torch and to tell you the truth, I seriously thought I might have to give up lamp working.
When we were away on holiday in October/November last year, my left arm was in such pain and there were many moments when I didn’t even feel like I had the strength to lift my handbag much less push my suitcase along as we moved from one airport to another, one vacation location to another.
As chance would have it, a friend who is an osteopath recommended that I use a lacrosse ball and that with 10 days of swimming twice a day helped ease the pain a little bit but I still felt like I didn’t have full strength in my left arm and I was in pain most of the time.
Then in January, in my quest for essential oils that I needed to top up to make some soap as we were running out…. I came across these wonderful oils that I am now so in love with.
For a few weeks, I used the oil on my knees, neck and shoulder in the morning and even along the upper left arm. It gave me relief for the greater art of my day and so it became part of my daily routine.
Then in April, I started taking the supplements and I didn’t notice any difference but on the days that I forgot to apply the oil blend to my neck and shoulders, I didn’t seem to have that stiff aching anymore.
I had to go away for a week in early May and didn’t take the supplements with me… and thought i might put my neck out (I normally do when I don’t use my own pillow) but surprisingly, I was alright! I even managed to sleep quite well while I was away – that is normally a huge challenge when I am away from home.
I have now had several sessions on the torch from 2-4 hours and I have felt fine after that so it seems I am on a roll now.
On top of that…. I have had this really hard and awful bump on the top of my left foot which actually grew quite a bit last summer so much so that I was unable to wear my work boots because it felt like my circulation was cut off and my foot would go numb… but in the last couple of weeks I have noticed that the ganglian seems to have actually shrunk quite a lot. So maybe I can get away without having to have it surgically removed after all.
So….what has changed??
I am using these amazing oils in my daily routine and that’s the only change I have had.
Incredible, it’s true, they smell amazing and I feel good…. I am so grateful to have them in my life <3 ~~~ Lucky B ~~~ SimplyBea on Kangaroo Island