So, in Australia June is a huge month for anyone involved in financial reconciliations, stock takes etc as it is the end of the financial year. Normally it’s my ‘pressure month’ with lots of triggers, buttons that are easily pushed, I get extra sensitive and touchy about things….
This year, it seems i was more calm and balanced….. even though there were a few higly emotional moments like the death anniversary of my dad and receiving the notice of the passing of my cousin the day before the anniversary. All very raw and painful for me that weekend, reeling from emotions of loss, regret, anger, rejection and desolation…. I used my oils and they might have helped a bit, I didn’t cry too much.
I almost didn’t attend the Farmers’ Market last Sunday but I figured that staying home and pining wouldn’t have helped anyway.
So… I used this oil a lot!!! I have been using it a lot all through this month and it had kept me more balanced.

doTERRA Balance

Balance – a wonderfully grounding blend

I diffused it at home in the evenings, I wore it in my AromaVessel, I made a rollerblend of it with Frankincense to apply on me through the day, I diffused it in the car and at my desk at work. I made it through tto the 30th of June without major anxiety attacks.
I am truly grateful to have discovered these oils and having them in my life. I can’t imagine how I would be now without them.

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