Yes, it has been another hectic period getting beads ready for Fine Art Kangaroo Island so it hasn’t helped that I have been unwell for most of the last fortnight.
There’s been a bug (or a few) making the rounds here on the island and one of them caught up with me as well…..I thought it was just a short visit but two weeks later, I still feel stuffed up, congested and not too great.
On the plus side, the headaches and fever which I started with seem to have said goodbye….which is nice.

Now……the slow cooker has been busy yet again, it is just such a great way to cook, reduces the time to monitor jow a dish is going along, if it’s getting burnt or going dry…..all that fuss just isn’t there plus the bonus of a lovely pot of yummy food to see us over a few days.
This morning…lots of yummy goodies went in, we’ll see how it turns out but I am already getting some great smells and getting hungry!


Lentils, zucchini, carrots, celery, potatoes, cauliflower with lots of yummy spices……mmmmm

What are you having for dinner tonight?

Catch you later…..