Well….it’s been a while between posts (again) but for a good reason this time.
X-change at the Santos Centre finishes today and the opening was a huge success, great turnout and lots of items were traded within the hours of the opening which was only just over an hour.

We did learn a few lessons from this exhibition.
It seems that the concept of trade is an unusual one for most people.
Some had no idea what they could have traded for pieces they liked and not everything offered for trade was practical for some of the artists….after all, it’s going to cost someone quite a bit to come over to Kangaroo Island to give me a massage and I couldn’t really accept an offer to landscape the garden for the same reason. iTunes cards were a good trade for me as I use lots of iTunes credit, so that helped so out most of my trades.

There have been lots of flow-on interest in my work as well and I have had enquiries for other pieces, similar and different to what has gone in to the exhibition. I am having a bit of a ‘brain drain’ at the moment now that the adrenalin of preparation is over but….there’s still more to do soon…..Easter market…..prep for new stuff for SALA and I had better get my thinking cap on for October’s Art Feast…..

One of the stand outs in the collective’s exhibition was the collection of larger than life photoprints which my boyfriend put up….all stunning photos and even more so in the dimensions he had them printed out in….it is even more impressive in real life to see these stunning photos up close and see the detail in the Ospreys and the sea lions…..


Now that all that mad frenzy of getting pieces ready for the exhibition are over, I have been busy catching up with ‘this and that’ and last weekend saw me busy with wire….


I made lots of jumprings to weave into bracelets for some commisioned orders and they turned up really lovely…..


So now…..this weekend has been spent setting up our new iPads, updating software and dealing with all those oh-so-necessary techie issues we seem to use daily nowadays to keep in touch with the outside world. Well…..certainly true for me out here in a remote location on a faraway island…

Just thought I should take a break to update this page and when I get the pieces back from the exhibition, I will post them up here and possibly in the shop as well for sale.
Stay tuned……..