So… it was market day again today and yesterday was supposed to have been a day of making, prepping and packing…… but I just couldn’t quite muster up the energy and inspiration until late in the afternoon.

Yesterday was my first ‘Day Off’ since we have come back from our holiday and there are still bags to unpack….

It’s been a whirlwind with one day back in the office and then off again to the mainland for a couple of days of pre-season fire support training and then back for one night to whiz off to host a weekend retreat of ‘Oily Pleasures’ at Flinders Chase, back to a full on busy week at work……

I woke up yesterday, relaxed with lots of good intentions but as I sat down to unpack and check off all the recently received supplies for my balms etc… the morning got away and then I started to slow down and before I knew it it was mid afternoon without much market prep done.

Out came my iTOVI scanner and a quick reading told me which oils I whould use to perk me up and sure enough, once I popped them into the diffuser and applied some topically on me, the enthusiasm and energy flowed back. Unfortunately it was too late to whip out the double boilers and weighing scales so no balms were made.  I still felt tired – no amount of oily support is going to make up for tiredness from continued racing around (mentally and physically) so it was fair enough that I just needed some down time.

I even contemplated not going to the market today, the detour and ‘what if’ scenarios playing out in my mind…. all ‘those voices’ making excuses for me to just stay home today… but I decided that I should just go and meet people, talk to some folks and enjoy some time out.

As it turned out, it was an awesome day and I feel so much better for making the effort to be at the market and being able to serve the people who came today. It is always an awesome feeling when I am able to help someone feel better with the help of these wonderful gifts of nature and today was no exception.

It made my day that I was able to help folks feel better, it was good to feel that I could be of service and share these wonderful gifts that I now love so much for their potency and efficacy.

It was an awesome day out and tired through I might still be, it is now a tiredness filled with satisfaction and gratitude.

I now have two weeks to plan for the next market and this time I will have some balms and new products made up for the gift giving season.

~~~ SimplyBea on Kangaroo Island ~~~