6th June 2007 – 15th April 2020

Mysty (Ozspots Jerilderie) – 6th June 2007 – 15th April 2020

My beautiful baby – I miss you so much still.
I am pretty sure that Precious misses you too. She has moments when she just starts crying out and racing through the house “looking for something” and then she sees me, comes up to me and looks at me with a questioning look in her eyes. Even huge hugs don’t seem to settle her straight away – we have a bit of a cuddle and then after a while it seems she settles a bit and is exhausted by the emotional outbreak.
Who would have thought that we would have had to release you from your pain so quickly, so suddenly…. we knew you were not well… but not that it was that bad.
We are thankful that you are no longer in pain now my darling girl…. but you are missed very much every day, through the day and the nights…. when we go to bed and you are not there telling us to ‘hurry up and get to bed….’…. or in the mornings…. tripping me over in the dark before I turn the lights on…… and asking for your morning brush and cuddle as your dad is having his shower………. and being there at the kitchen door as soon as I enter the house after work…… yes……. all those other moments that you gave us your love and attention….. we miss them dearly. R.I.P. my darling girl – we love you.