It’s been a busy weekend and the market at Penneshaw on Sunday was a huge success.

I ran out of my extra mild castile soap but the good news is that I have made some more today and they will be ready for the next market on 2nd May at Penneshaw.



There will be some changes with the market from next month, apparently the food stalls have decided to relocate to another part of Penneshaw but the Art & Craft stalls will stay at the oval right through winter.

I should be okay with my gazebo set up and hopefully it won’t be too wet the day before so the oval won’t get too muddy for the market days. Not sure how it will go but I am determined to make it to the market every month unless somehting major happens.

There is also a good possibility that I will be sending soaps and balms for sale at the Penneshaw Visitor Information centre before the next market provided I can get enough stock together in the next couple of weeks. Exciting times and lots of projects to get stuck in to.

I am also working on the Mother’s Day packs – the bars of soap for Moms are looking very pretty and curing well, hopefully my other items to go in the Pamper Packs for Mother’s Day will come along nicely as well…….. stay tuned!

~~~ SimplyBea on Kangaroo Island ~~~