After such a stressful couple of months and this, that and the other…’s actually quite nice to have something to look forward to.
Fine Art KI will be launching an exhibition early October in conjunction with the annual KI Art Feast and it’s a fun theme so I am very excited that Fleur has invited me to play….
I have been experimenting with handmade cane and murrini and it has been so much fun.
I am using my murrini slices with my canes in beads to create 3D worlds in the beads.
Mainly little sea critters moving amongst the sea grass and kelp and just trying to keep it colourful and cheerful.

These are beads i have just pulled out of the kiln from the last couple of nights and they have all just been cleaned.


Now…..hmmmmm… many ideas, which ones should i go for????
How should I finish them off? Some of them have ended up being quite big with all he encasing….well, that’s the next step….

I finished last night with a fun play bead….


This one will probably stay home with me…a cheeky little imp…..

Catch you later…
~~~ SimplyBea ~~~