Well, what can I say……it’s been another long period between posts and so very much has happened.

Some major personal events which impacted on my creativity, lack of confidence, weather changes, and so on…..I could go on but I won’t.

I have cleared my mind, the weather has cooled down a fair bit more so it is more pleasant in the low to mid 20s rather than high 30s to 40s which has been hanging around for quite a while here.

I managed to get out for a lovely walk on one of the better beaches on the North coast and took some photos, had a lovely lunch with my partner at the Rockpool Cafe at Stokes Bay and managed to get a couple of hours on the torch last night so it’s all coming together again.

Stokes Bay

Storm clouds brewing over Stokes Bay

When we got to Stokes Bay, the skies were starting to look grey and wet…..building up as we started our walk on the beach……

Blue Skies

Blue skies on the other side…..

But as we kept on owalking to the other side of the beach….there were blue skies and fluffy clouds…..

I am not setting myself any deadline, being gentle to myself as it has been stressful at work and I come home tired and don’t feel alert enough to be lighting my torch to melt glass!

One step

One step at a time….

So…..one step at a time from here on for a while…..

Some ideas are taking shape in my head which is good and we’ll see what comes out of that soon enough. If you are on Facebook – check in on my page once in a while as it’s a whole lot easier for me to post a quick pic or comment there than keeping this updated.

Clear water ahead.....

Clear water ahead…..

Clear waters and ripples ahead……omen for a new start……..

Catchya round the traps, have fun!

~~~SimplyBea on Kangaroo Island~~~