What can I say?

I ordered a special tool in the new year, January 4th to be exact, and with ‘this n that’ it took forever for the supplier (and their supplier) to get back to me with shipping rates and finally 27th Jan I thought we had it sorted, I agreed to pay the higher shipping for “6 day shipping” which almost doubled the price of the tool……. and now MORE THAN 16 days later……..I am still waiting.

Somewhere between  “YES – I will pay the extra for the faster shipping since it took you so long to get back to me……” to a couple of days ago…..checking, checking, checking the ‘tracking number’ they sent me….. finally after LOTS of emails, phone calls…… I receive an email…..

“….we are very sorry.. apologies, this is not the way we do business…..we will refund you the shipping charges….”

Bottom line…… they shipped it out by NORMAL INTERNATIONAL parcel post!!!

At this stage…… do I care anymore that I have lost sales because of their inefficiency? YES!!!!!

But I can’t do anything about it except stew and feel grossly depressed so I am just going to ‘pretend’ it is on the slow boat from Canada coming after a twice-round-the-world circumnavigation…..and if it gets here at some stage….. well, I hope it works.

So… who is this supplier you ask? If you really want to know, send me an email and I will tell you.

In the meantime I am enjoying the cooler temperatures on my days off to make beads with my new bead rollers, so I hope this will allow me to make more ‘matched’ beads for earrings. Stay tuned!

~~~ SimplyBea on Kangaroo Island ~~~