Well, it has been a LONG time since my last blog post and lots has happened in between.
A bout of depression which even glass couldn’t shake off and losing my muse for a while in that time……but now, I am back!!!!

I was lucky enough that whilst I was battling depression from work related causes, I had the good fortune to play with borosilicate glass under the patient guidance of my teacher, Bernie Stonor.
Boro is a very different type of glass from the soft soda lime glass that I have been using until now. It is a lot ‘stiffer’, not so shocky in the flame and needs a good HOT flame to work with.
It has been fun….with lots of new techniques and skills after three massive weekend workshops with Bernie.


Just to give you a taste, of the latest play with boro…the vessels above are about 8-10cm long and look great in a sunny window. They make great sun catchers and can be used to hold your favourite essential oil, slowly releasing it as the vessel is gently warmed by the sun or hang it near the fireplace or heater.

I have named this collection Fire & Ice because of the sparkles in them which remind me of burning embers and light catching on the icicles, but also because they have come forth from the flame and released my muse trapped in a prison of ice……

These six vessels will go to Adelaide to be part of the Small Change Collective group exhibition for this year’s SALA. There are many more which I hope to put up on my website or maybe even sell through selected outlets on the island.

They have been good fun to make and are a great exercise in glass/flame control.

More in the kiln tonight and lots more piccies to take!

Stay tuned!!!!
~~~ SimplyBea ~~~