This is one of the Mother’s Day soaps which is curing and it smells really divine. Handmade with beautiful oils and cured for 5 weeks so they are nice for you.

The Lavender Essential Oils give the soap a lovely feminine fragrance and the lavender buds give the bar a nice scrubby texture. Beautiful creamy lather and luxurious feel.

Scrubby Lavender Castile

Scrubby Lavender Castile

The light pink colour is from a mineral pigment added into the oils.

There are only 20 bars of this soap for sale and I might put some of them into the Mother’s Day Pamper Packs for the next market.

This weekend will be busy making Calendula Balm and some more lip balms for the May market at Penneshaw.

Hope to see you at the Market on Sunday 2nd May at the Penneshaw Oval.

Bea – on Kangaroo Island