Well….another long pause between posts…..work, down time, this and that…..and now….some new work from me…..
First of all, I have been having fun with seahorses…..they are so fun to make, lots of heat control, making sure I am pulling the glass without dropping it, keeping the curves forming as I stretch the glass…….and remembering to breathe between it all…..
So, here you are, my first few seahorses in boro. They are fantasy, fun creatures inspired by the beautiful seahorses and sea dragons under water but I am not even trying to replicate the detail of the real creatures, this is an interpretation in glass with a lot of creative license….


I hope you like them, I ran out of glass after the last one so I have to wait a little while for my new glass to come and I can start playing again.

Here are some implosions in boro also from last weekend’s torch sessions.


It’s a pity that the weekends are so short….I would love some more play time to improve my fantasy creatures.
Catch you later…….