So, eight years after I signed up for my Etsy account – I have actually posted a few items up in the store. It has been a challenge with the photography as I prefer natural lighting which is difficult with open spaces and blustery winds outdoors and very limited access to good natural lighting in the house. Perseverance with the photo safari paid off in the end and I managed to get some good photos to kick start the store opening.

I told myself I HAD to post some items up in the store and get the listed by this weekend. It was a very nervous moment as I placed the cursor over the ‘Publish’ button……and I DID IT!!!

At the moment, they are all one of a kind pieces and I am working on some lines which can be made to order with colour and some style variations. All I need is that very precious element called T-I-M-E which seems to run out on me ever so quickly…….does it happen to you too?

So much going on at the moment, life is getting pretty interesting and the cooler days ahead will mean I get more hours on the torch 🙂

If you head on over to my Etsy store before 30th April 2014, you can use the coupon code RELAUNCH20 to get 20% of purchases over $30.

SimplyBea on Etsy

It wasn’t easy getting things done with my cat wanting lots of cuddles and being ultra affectionate…here she is perched ON me as I am typing on my laptop….she was wanting attention as well when I was editing and posting photos for my Etsy store. Oh well, she is my fur baby after all so….gotta love it <3


Let me know what you think of my store and if you would like to see anything in particular in my Etsy store which you have seen here on my website or on my facebook page.

Thanks for stopping by…… <3