Well – what a busy day it has been for sure……. I tried out some new colour pigments and have made some soap which will be ready for Mother’s Day.

I normally prefer to use natural organic materials for ‘colour’ but have been asked by quite a few people for more colourful soap so I ordered some natural colour pigments and had a go with them today. I still prefer naturally coloured or uncoloured soap but since there has been quite a few requests mainly for gift giving, I have done a couple of batches today.

These are 2 batches sided by side

  • Southern Ocean (the blue one) is coloured with Ultra marine Oxide – not sure how blue it will remain after curing but it started out as BRIGHT BLUE and i have scented it with essential oil of peppermint and then sprinkled sea salt grains over the ‘waves’ because it is inspired by the Southern Ocean………
  • “Flowers for Mom” has lots of lavender buds and rose petals sprinkled right through and it is scented with lavender essential oil. I used a pretty purple/pink oxide to colour it and swirled it with the natural coloured soap.  It smells and looks really awesome, can’t wait to unmould it and see what it really looks like.
First coloured soaps

"Flowers for Mom" and "Southern Ocean"

Flowers for Mom

Close up of "Flowers for Mom"

Southern Ocean

Southern Ocean close up

Can you see the grains of salt on the peaks of the waves????? 🙂

All told it was a massive soaping day (for me) and i made 4 batches of soap so it was a good day. *phew*

These soaps will be cut in the next couple of days and they will be ready in 4 weeks time.

~~~ Busy Bea ~~~  on Kangaroo Island