Easter Monday soaps unmoulded

Easter Monday soaps unmoulded

Well… it was a productive Easter Monday and look at what has come out of the moulds !!!!!!!!!!!!

They are all curing now and will be ready for the next market on 2nd May and some have been made specially for the Mothers Day Pamper Packs so they are a very limited edition!

It was a huge soaping day and I am so happy with how these soaps have turned out. I can’t wait to start using them.

I will cut them up tonight, the EVOO Castile is still sooooooo soft and buttery and has an awesome Lemon Eucalyptus scent – so very refreshing! The colour is a bit darker now from this batch of Extra Virgin Olive Oil but could lighten over the next few weeks.

I am also very pleased with how the super conditioning bar turned out – it will be a very decadent bar with lots of shea butter and organic avocado oil with Green Tea and lots of beautiful organic flower petals sprinkle don top!

This is a VERY LIMITED Edition and I am not sure how many bars will make it into the store.

The Rice Bran Castile is also very nice looking and feels firm already but will still need to cure until the next market. It is totally natural, unscented and uncoloured – a pure and gentle bar.

Some Close ups of the bars………………. !

Floral Confetti for Mum

Floral Confetti for Mum

Floral confetti on Avocado

Luxury Bar with Floral confetti

2 Castiles

2 Castiles

So…… now to wait for these to cure and if you are interested in reserving any of these, drop me a line and I will keep you on the list…. I already have a few reservations for the Floral Confetti bars!

~~~ SimplyBea ~~

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