Oooooh, it was quite a find………!!!

As I was about to head off to work this morning bf told me that he had a shock when he saw a snakeskin at the back of our very withered herb plot yesterday afternoon……so when I got back this evening, I wanted to see it and actually got it out from the back of the surviving herbs in the enclosure…’s translucency is just amazing…….so delicate to the touch and such detail…

Tiger snake skin section

Section of snake skin

It couldn’t have been a big snake, it was probably the little one that bf saw a couple of weeks ago in the surrounding area which is a bit too close to the back door for our comfort……

Tiger Snake skin

Tiger Snake skin

So…no, it wasn’t a huge snake……but it would still have been a fatal bite if we had been bitten by it. It’s a good thing that bf spotted it when he went out late in the evening and after that when I had to go outside, I just carried an umbrella and a torch…….and walked rather firmly and loudly so that the snake knew I was approaching. After all – they are not interested in us and only bite to defend themselves.

What a gorgeous find and I will take some better reference photos tomorrow when the light is better so I can use it as inspiration…….<3 😀