So…another busy couple of months with lots happening.
I have finished most of the pieces for my collection to be exhibited during the Kangaroo Island Art Feast in October. It was challenging, working with recycled glass but I think the pieces came out pretty well.
The theme for the exhibition is ‘Life On The Edge’ and it will be located at Pelican Lagoon.
My slant on this of course had to be with glass……giving the glass a Second Chance to shine long after the contents it held have been consumed.

Recycling glass from bottles to make beads to feature in beautiful pieces of jewelry, finished with handmade sterling silver components.


A set made from a bottle of Moët Chandon which I had with a friend to celebrate a crazy period at work and the start of a new financial year – looking ahead!


The glass for this set above came from our favourite sparkling ale brewed in the bottle by the Coopers brewery in South Australia.


This gorgeous blue glass is from the Bombay Sapphire gin bottle.

I am also working on using pieces of sea glass found along the coastline after being cast away and then years of being beautifully refined by Mother Nature to be incorporated into jewelry with handmade sterling silver components.

In the midst of all this, at work I have been busy with end of financial year reconciliations, attending a course in Micro Business Operation which has been really interesting and connecting with lots of interesting people.

Then, it seems like we have had some record rains here on Kangaroo Island and there have been days when I thought I might need a boat to get down the driveway and I felt like I had to wear a thousand layers to stay warm.
Today, the sun came out, the birds were singing and it almost felt like spring had sprung.

So, it’s been ‘a tad busy’ in my world and it’s not going to slow down any time soon.
More to do, more to finish and looking forward to it all and sharing my journey with you here.

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Until later…..

Keeping busy on Kangaroo Island !!!!