Yes, I know…….it seems a bit slack that this is the FIRST post in 2015 🙁

Well, while most of you were celebrating or recovering from celebrating the start of 2015……I was at the outpatient’s ward in the local hospital for most of the day. It was a day to remember, a day spent in pain with many of the following days trying to manage the cause. I thought I had a surprisingly bad case of constipation ‘with complications’ but it ended up being a case of bad Haemorrhoids!!!

So, whilst it wasn’t life threatening, it was bad enough I could not sit, stand, or even walk comfortably for the whole day and some part of the next day. Thankfully we have wonderful nursing staff and a team of great doctors on the island so it’s just a matter of time and managing it………and so far so good…..until yesterday…….yes, 24 days later it struck again!!!

Another day in massive pain and discomfort which did not resolve itself until late yesterday afternoon leaving me exhausted from the pain and management through the whole day from early yesterday morning.

Today is another day, a better day and started off pain free so I am happy for that and therefore I am going to celebrate this weekend and today by giving myself some play time on the torch (I am still “housebound”) and relaxing with some wire and meditation later in the day when it gets warmer.

Here are some photos of some work from the last few months which have gone into the gallery in Kingscote, some of it has been sold so I will be busy making up some more beads to make some more pieces for sale. Nothing yet in my Etsy shop as I am still trying to keep up with myself and stay in good health.

SimplyBea beads - Blue and frit

Handmade glass beads and sterling silver wire findings

SimplyBea beads - frit combo

Combination of colours with frit

SimplyBea handmade glass beads

Yellow is a happy colour and I love how these beads make me smile

So, here’s looking forward to a beautifully creative year ahead with lots of posts on the blog….. 🙂

~~~ SimplyBea ~~~

Kangaroo Island – South Australia