After such a long period of intense cold, wet, wet days with strong gusty winds…… it is certainly nice to have a couple of days waking up to warm sunshine.

I took a nice leisurely walk down the driveway (2km return) and it was just nice not to have to brace against a gusty wind, walking in the dappled sunlight coming through the leaves and looking out for koalas in the trees………. very nice……..

I just LOVE my gum boots! Not a fashion item but I could not have made it through this winter without them. Here’s a pic of my daughter in her pink gum boots, outside my caravan.

Gum Boots

Lisha with her Pink Gum Boots outside my beadmaking studio

The grass has been so wet with all the rain we have had in the last couple of weeks, I am glad Spring is here. The days are getting a bit warmer, we have more sunshine and *shhhhhhhh* for a little while the wind seems to have dropped out………

My Calendulas are flowering really well and I have been busy harvesting them for my balms, the patch is looking glorious with all the amazing yellows from the different plants. I had to ‘waste’ one batch as there were too many bugs in the flowers and I would not have been able to infuse the petals for my balms, so the bugs got the flowers instead. I do not use any pesticides on my herbs and plants.

Will try and post some more pics later but for now, my new glass is calling out to me in the caravan.

Have a great weekend everyone!

~~~ SimplyBea ~~~