*phew* and **double phew**

All that hard work is now finished, just have to get the items to Adelaide to set up for the exhibition and have a good time!!!

Catalogue descriptions have been submitted, my ‘reference photos’ have been done – shaky hands didn’t help but they are good enough for my personal reference.

Here are a couple of the ‘group shots’ so you can have a sneak peek at what is going up to Adelaide on Thursday.

Oceanlife Pendants

X-change bracelets

The necklace below is is my ‘play’ with copper….it just makes the blues in the beads ‘pop’…and I love the effect, so what do you think?

Mermaid's favourite

Playing with copper


……….and the other side of the focal bead…….


Mermaid's favourite - the other sideSo, there you go…..some images of the pieces I have put together for x-change.

See you at the exhibition?