My Journey

My journey into healing first started when I was diagnosed with depression anxiety and I am so very grateful that I was supported by my GP and Psychiatrist who believed that I could heal myself with natural modalities and therapies without resorting to medication – and I DID!!!

I started by eliminating toxins from my daily care, making my own body care products and watching what I consumed. I started meditation and learned how to become the observer of my thoughts instead of spiraling into them. I took up yoga and back then it was challenging as there were no yoga teachers on the island but there was a small group of other women who got together once a week and I continued on my own in between our meet-ups. Then I got really brave and went to a silent retreat – can you imagine not speaking (unnecessarily) for 3 days and 2 nights? It was confronting to start with but I started to enjoy it and went quite a few more times by myself after that first time.

Then my mum started to be unwell and her dementia and Alzheimer symptoms really started to kick in and it was really hard. THIS is when my journey into alternative healing therapies really started. This is when I started exploring different modalities starting with sound therapy, essential oils and energy healing. Being separated by great distance, I was determined to find some way of being able to support her even when I was not physically nearby.

I met with a lot of resistance because not everyone understands nor believes in alternate healing and for quite a while after mum passed on I felt guilty about not being with her more or being closer to her to help look after her – until I received a message in a reading and synchronicities started showing up to confirm and affirm that it was mum who led me on this path.

There is still so much learning and I am filled with awe and gratitude everyday about how vibrational energy works and makes a huge difference in our well being. I am a lifelong student and it’s my destiny to share what I learn (Midheaven in Sagittarius), I am generally a perfectionist and work hard (Saturn in Capricorn) and I am learning to be more forgiving of myself (and others) when things are not perfect. My life lesson is communicating with others (North Node in Libra) and not put my foot in my mouth by speaking straight up as the thought comes to my mind (Mercury in Aries). I am very intuitive (Pisces rising) and emotional (Moon in Pisces) and astrology has helped me understand myself so much better and given me permission slips to be who I came into this life to be and to learn the lessons that have come my way. Working with the energies of the moon and planetary alignments has allowed me to work on all the aspects of my life every day/month and has made life more meaningful and connected to my path.

If this is something you are interested in, check out my FB events for the monthly sessions on Zoom about setting intentions or send me an email to book a session to look at your chart and lunar planner.

Now, I help as many people as I can with what I do and it is a wonderful feeling indeed when I see the change that occurs from the start and finish of a session.

You can book a session with me, here’s the link to my booking calendar.

Some of my favourite tools


Sound is a vibrational tool and works to help soothe and calm the mind. Sound therapy tools cover a wide range from our voices to drums, bells, gongs, rattles, metal and crystal singing bowls.
I love using my instruments during my in-person healing sessions as the vibrations are felt more dramatically. However, having said that, with the technology these days, I have also had great success with sound therapy over Zoom.

Distance healing Crystals & Sound

Energy healing transcends location, time, and space. There’s no limit to the distance in which this type of healing is effective. Crystals and sound are amazing in supporting a distance healing session and the advantage of a distance session is that the client is in their own safe space so there is no travel required and they just continue to relax at the end of the session instead of having to wake up to travel home.

Moon & Stars

Our birth chart is a really good tool in helping us understand why we are the way we are and gives us the permission to accept certain characteristics and traits and even better – how to use the tools we were given at birth. Using this and working with the lunar cycle is a really good way to set out goals and work towards out intentions. Working with all the 12 aspects of our personalities helps us get focused in our personal journey.

Why me for relaxation therapy?

Something For Everyone

Relaxation therapy can benefit all ages, from young children who are unable to express their emotional discomfort to older folks who may have lost the capacity to communicate.
Everyone of all ages can be soothed by the vibrational energy of sound healing tools and crystals which transcend many barriers.

Safe Space

I create a welcoming and safe space for my clients so that they are comfortable and feel safe to release and let go during the session.
Everyone who attends a group session is given their own private space in the group and it is a beautiful energy that everyone benefits from.
They feel so safe that most of the time I have difficulty bringing them back into the room at the end of the session.

Mixture Of Modalities

Every healer is different and therefore, so am I. I use many modalities during my sessions. I work with whatever is most potent at the time and I am very intuitive which means that there is no ‘fixed plan’ apart from my opening and closing to connect and disconnect the energy I use. I work with sound, crystals, your birth chart (if I know it) and the planetary placements at the time – and during the session, I am intuitively guided for that session .

Free Online Sessions

I provide some free online sessions to help bring us into a state of calm.
I lead a 30 minute chanting session on alternate Saturdays on Zoom.

Secure Online Space

My online space is secure and protected so that there is no negative energy or unwelcome presence during our sessions.

Incredible Community

I am part of an incredible community on FB who work with the lunar cycles and our birth charts. It’s a group for those who are keen to actively do the work in a safe and supportive space.

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