• Letting go of sh*zz…….
    Before every aromaZen session, I encourage participants to take a piece of paper and write down something that is bothering them or giving them angst. I tell them to put their entire feeling into writing it down and then I offer them the pot for them to burn it and release it to the Universe….
  • Hello 2023!!!
    How did you start the year? Did you set some goals, create a Vision Board, journal or………. As a certified Moonologerâ„¢, I work with the Lunar cycles and as an Applied Astrology student I use my birth chart to work out what I should be working on for each lunation. We had a meetup on…
  • How well do you know YOU
    I have always wondered why I am the way I am and why ‘things’ happen the way they do…. I have believed all along that we do come into this world with a ‘destiny’ and that our paths are already written in the stars for us ….. yes, there is always free will, that’s why…

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