June 2024 aromaZen sessions are in Kingscote on Sunday 16th June from 2pm to 4pm and on Saturday 22nd June in Penneshaw from 1.30pm to 3.30pm.
If you would like to book your spot, send me a message and I will send you the link with payment details.

aromaZen with Bea – Relax, Unwind and Re-Set

This will be the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind – to get rid of negative energy that you may be holding in your body or just to relax and unwind – just because.

Self care is extremely important for our personal well being.
An aromaZen session is a chance to give yourself some time out to relax and unwind, refresh and rejuvenate the body and the senses.

At this session, you get to have a chance to relax into yourself and be guided into your own personal healing space to anchor to relax and unwind and release the tension from the busyness of everyday living.

Tickets are $55pp – payable by direct deposit or $65pp by credit card before the event.
Payment on the day $65pp cash or $70pp by credit card and this does not guarantee a spot.
I will send you details for payment when you confirm your booking with me – send me a message through this page or email me

Terms & Conditions
A minimum number of participants is required to proceed with the event.
Bookings have to be confirmed at least 24 hours before the day of the event.
Should you be unable to attend on the day – payments are not refundable, but transferable to someone else to take over your mat. Should there be valid emergencies, and you aren’t able to find a replacement to take over your spot, we will not be able to refund you, but you will be able to get 50% off for the next session if you wish to join.

What is aromaZen?
aromaZen is a restorative, guided sensory healing journey using various tools to guide you into a sensory healing space.

aromaZen is a three part process:

Part 1: Guided Meditation through the Chakras from Base to Crown
During this part of the journey, we may use high vibrational doTERRA essential oils or colour visualisation and Crystal therapy. We do this to deepen the practice through activating your kinaesthetic, olfactory and energetic senses.

Part 2: Guided Yoga Nidra – Body Relaxation Meditation
You will be guided to create an intention that you wish to implant during the aromaZen Journey.
This is intended to guide your soul to a special healing space where you can sink into a nurturing and healing experience which will result in you will feeling refreshed and rejuvenated at the end of the session.

Part 3: Sound
From your relaxed state of zen, there is nothing to do but be still and receive. This soundscape will enhance your experience as you rest in your healing space. We will flow into a beautiful harmonic soundscape. You’ll be taken on a sonic journey through gentle earthy drum rhythms and the calls of the wild, to the distinctive tones of Tibetan bowls and high vibrational chimes. Allow yourself to drift away as you deepen your experience and continue to release tension and restore inner balance.

* Calm your nervous system and clear your mind
* You may receive a message from your higher self
* Lift heaviness out of the body and find your inner joy
* Leave feeling lighter, calmer and emotionally balanced
* Restore your natural life force energy
* Get in touch with feelings and needs that will move you towards your higher purpose
* Let go of old patterns that are no longer serving and call in the path ahead that your heart desires
* Open to a deeper presence of self in the community

Notes for the day
Please arrive 15 minutes early to make sure you have time to prepare, pick your spot and settle.
Late comers can be disruptive to the intimate nature of this process, so please be mindful to not be late.
The doors will be locked once we start.
Please leave your shoes at the door as I will have cleaned and refreshed the floor for your comfort.

Here’s a list of what to bring:
* Thicker Yoga or Pilates Mat/Camping Mat/single sized sleeping bag or similar to lie comfortably on the wooden floor
* Pillow or several if required (to place under your knees/back)
* Blanket – it gets cold during the Yoga Nidra and Sound Bath
* Socks
* An Eye mask – if you do not have one, I have some for purchase at $5 each
* Water Bottle – glass or stainless steel is better for you

Make yourself Comfy:
If you have lower back issues then bring an extra cushion for under your knees for support
If you prefer not to lie down during the session, that is okay.
Please bring your own comfortable chair/recliner so that you can still relax during the session and be secure as you go into a deeply relaxed state during the Yoga Nidra and the sound bath. You will be located towards the door but will still be able to enjoy the effects of the session.
If you have purchased a ticket for a friend – please send me their name and email address so that I can forward this info to them.
If you have any questions – please send me a message.